Beware the Malicious Virus On Facebook from Another Country!!

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There is a very malicious virus going around on Facebook all users should be aware of. First of all I am not on Facebook, but my wife, many of my friends and relatives are. I have a very good friend  named  Tom,(not his real name) of 50 years who recently moved from New York state to Arkansas. He’s a professional singer and sings in clubs and does performances. Sometimes there are links of him performing on Facebook. My wife recently clicked on a link that she thought was from him because it had his picture on it and when it opened it was pornography. She knew he didn’t send it so she immediately deleted it. My other friend Al, who I’ve known for 40 years also talks to Tom on Facebook and he received the same pornography. Tom tried to remove it and posted an apology on his page to everyone saying it wasn’t from him and he was trying to fix it.

Meanwhile Al was having his own problems with it. All his friends on Facebook including my wife were receiving links supposedly from him that was also pornography with his picture on it. Al also sent an apology out to all his friends on Facebook. Al tried calling Facebook but only got a recording saying they do not take calls. A neighbor of his who is a friend on his page received the pornography and got into an argument with him and said she didn’t want to talk to him again. He tried to explain that it wasn’t him, but she being elderly and not understanding about viruses got mad at him and reported him to their development manager. Al went to their manager and explained about it and she said to call the police.

Meanwhile Al started receiving more porn from this virus and his whole page turned into French. He changed his password, but it still got thru. He changed his name twice but it continued and he has two virus protections on his computer. He finally called the police and a very nice young policeman came and checked Al’s page and said it was a virus probably from a foreign country since it changed to French. He went to Al’s neighbor and explained it all to her and they are now friends again. Al has emotional problems and was totally exhausted from all the porn and aggravation that he has since dropped Facebook after being on there for 10 years saying he doesn’t need it or the aggravation, but he does miss talking to Tom and all his other friends. I don’t know if there is any cure for this virus or anyway to stop it. My wife just deletes pages she knows aren’t from him. All Facebook users please be aware of who you talk to and don’t speak to anyone in a foreign country. When 3/4 of the world is on Facebook including terrorists you are bound to have things like this happen. Be alert and aware.

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Jim Clayton

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