What The Hell Is A True Conservative Anyway?

Recently I was talking with a few people and naturally the conversation turned to the election. I was asked who I was voting for; I said who ever the nominee is. After I got a strange look he said, even if it is Trump? I said yes. How can you vote for him, he is not a true Conservative. After I gave him a strange look back I said what the hell is a true Conservative anyway?

After he went through all the usual talking points, you know abortion, big government, government spending, illegal immigration, Obama-Care and so on, I started thinking, Trump seems to be on the same side he was on, so how could he say Trump was not a true Conservative. So I asked him.

His response was, he just recently changed his views. O.K. so what is the time frame one must hold these views before he is considered a true Conservative I asked, 2 years, 5 years 10 years. After all Trump supported McCain in 08 and Romney in 12 so I know he was at least a Republican. Yea, but he used to be a Democrat.

O.K. so was Ronald Reagan I said. Also I don’t understand your logic, so many Republicans/Conservatives always say how they don’t understand the thinking of these Liberals and how they need to come around to the Conservative way of thinking in order to turn this country around. Yet now when someone does that you complain they haven’t been a Conservative long enough, instead of saying, “great you have finally come to your senses” while welcoming him in.

After a few minutes he didn’t say much, but I added, Trump is bringing out more voters than anyone else, he is bringing out Independents, those so called Reagan Democrats, and many that haven’t voted in years. Yet we have those in the Republican Party who are pushing against him because he hasn’t been a Republican or Conservative long enough, some are even trying to start a third party, give me a break.

After all this I have come to the conclusion that like beauty, true Conservatism is in the eye of the beholder. So I will be voting for who ever the Republican nominee is and I hope everyone will be doing the same, if not we will wind up with Hillary and it will be your fault.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. WHO THE HELL KNOWS ? ! ? ! I’ve asked this question a zillion times and yet to find out….other than there are more definitions of conservative than denominations of Christian Churches (& Carter’s Little Liver Pills) So now I wonder which makes the best Christian,…a Baptist or Methodist ??

    A prism contains countless shades, & hue of colors of the rainbow and with turns all blend one into the others and you have a truly magnificent thing of beauty…which would not be possible if even one color was removed…….Then there’s that little old thing ……WE ARE ALL AMERICANS.

    “Labels” are used to define that which may be forgotten…..How about we forget the labels and put our beautiful Country FIRST…..VOTE FOR AMERICA.

    Our Nation has always used the “Majority Rules ” and if you’re lucky, you are part of that group. If not. play by the rules and Leave the crap for the crappy…

  2. This ambiguity only underscores the fact that both terms, liberal and conservative, are inadequate. Consider that in 1955 a liberal in America wanted Socialism but a liberal in Russia wanted Americanism. A Russian conservative wanted to protect Communism (socialism) and an American wanted to protect Americanism. In 1776 a liberal wanted Americanism and a conservative wanted Imperialism!

    In other words those terms are unprincipled and dependent upon time and place.

    They are intentionally meaningless. They keep us from understanding the principles that establish more powerful terms. They are yet another tool of the process of Social Demoralization – we are stupid therefore we are defeated.

    I predicate my judgments upon terms that are based upon principles. In this way I can more readily assess the Truth about anyone. A wise man told me once; “we cannot know we are right unless we look to something greater than ourselves”. The “liberals” HATE Christians because they stand for a set of principles; principles that “liberals” cannot overcome intellectually. They are now becoming actively violent toward Christians much like children who know not what to do with the logic that opposes their whims!

    As long as we are just ambiguous “conservatives” the principalities and powers in high places are okay because we are still stupid, and we have nothing to come together upon. Let’s instead call ourselves Americanists or Socialists. Throughout history both terms have consistently united people and brought them to focus against the opposing view.

    I would bet that everyone could define Socialism much easier than Americanism. We recognize socialism as a doctrine of substance (tho evil) – because we have been taught Socialism all of our lives. Socialism is based upon the principles of; “from those according to their abilities, to those according to their needs”. Government is the highest form of authority therefore it must be big in order for our “Natural Superiors” to take care of us. All wealth belongs to those Natural Superiors so that they can “properly” administer that wealth according to our needs. That is why they are trying very hard to STEAL the entire planet!

    But we have not been taught Americanism and the core values of our Nations founding. What is Americanism?

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.

    Americanism recognizes that liberty and justice can only be administered fairly to all human beings who are no more human or any less human than any other human, when Government is only empowered by the CONSENT of the governed; That would be our Constitution in its original form. The only purpose of governments – all governments – is to protect Individual Rights! Ayn Rand said “you cannot stand for any minority unless you stand for the smallest minority of all, the individual.”

    So. Is Trump an Americanist? – that would be my question. Frankly, I think Trump is a pragmatist – as are most Americans who have been successful. He is unquestionable a Populist – as is Bernie Sanders. And he is a Narcissist – much like Obama the Lawless. I think Cruz is the most Americanist of any of the candidates. And I think Heil-lery is an outright Criminal-Tyrant and I will vote for ANY other candidate that stands the best chance of defeating her. Period.

    And isn’t that really all the choice we’ve had for as long as any of us can remember?

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