Obama Uses A Sitting Judge To Force Republicans To Accept A Leftist For The Supreme Court

Judge Merrick Garland was sobbing as he thanked the America-hating Barack Obama for appointing him to be Antonin Scalia’s replacement on the Supreme Court. Mr. Garland had reason to shed tears because Obama is shamelessly using him as a flag of war being waved at Republican Senators who have already stated that they will not consider anyone appointed by Barack Obama in the last few months of his administration. The Republicans stated that their lack of consideration for any appointment Obama sends to them is in keeping with the Biden Rule, which our idiot Vice President used in past years to block a Republican president from making a late-term appointment.

It’s typical of Obama to use as a foil anyone and anything he can possibly throw at a Republican, knowing that the Democrat Party press will take up the charge and abuse the Republicans for finally taking a principled stand against Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”. The New York Times stated that Obama’s appointment is a dare “to Republican senators to…block consideration” of Mr. Garland for the open Supreme Court seat, knowing that the liberal press will side with Obama on anything he suggests and will savage Republicans for stalling on the latest political manipulations of Obama. So even the NYT agrees that Obama is just playing politics with a man’s career and knows that consideration of the new appointee will amount to little or nothing.

It’s entertaining to watch Obama self-righteously insist that Republicans rigidly follow the guidelines of the Constitution when it comes to his appointments to the judiciary, while he actively and repeatedly defies and trashes the constitution concerning the rights of Americans to own weapons with which to defend themselves; and when he illegally allows tens of thousands of illegal aliens to freely cross our borders; and when he unconstitutionally forces Americans to buy the government-edicted healthcare coverage that no one likes or wants.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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