What Has Obama Wrought For America?

America is more exposed to attacks from foreign sources than we’ve ever been, and all because of Obama’s idiotic and unconstitutional opening of our borders to all comers, whether terrorists or job seekers, and his traitorously ignoring the danger presented by ISIS and other militant groups who publicly express their intent to destroy America and our way of life.  Additionally, our politics and our economy are hanging in wait of the next president to save us from the anti-capitalist, anti-American radical left currently represented by Barack Obama.  Will we return to the tried and true path to prosperity and national defense, or will the radical and rabid left turn this great nation into the laughing stock of the world by continuing to scheme for America’s destruction?

Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former Secretary of State, has the selfishness and simple-mindedness to expose national secrets to our enemies via her illegal email server, not understanding the death and suffering that such an exposure can mean for people who work daily for our nation’s security, and unconscious of what her security violations can mean to America and its private citizens when our sworn enemies to have access to our plans and our vulnerabilities.

As usual, and as is predictable of our child president when something nasty is exposed during his administration, Obama claims to have had no knowledge of Hillary’s illegal and improper use of a private server located in her home nor of her traitorous passing of highly secret emails over the unsecured server, but only became aware of this situation when he heard about it on TV.  Every major happening during Obama’s presidency has been discovered by him only when watching the news on television! Does Obama never get security briefings from his staff? And if he does get such briefings, it’s plain that he doesn’t pay attention to them. I have no problem calling Obama a fool, but the American people certainly are not fools, and they hopefully don’t believe his lies any longer.

The destruction of the economy by Obama is one thing, but to undermine the foundation of our national security and nation defense is another thing altogether. How can Obama’s daughters and his future grandchildren lead pleasant, prosperous lives with our defense from evil forces like ISIS, Iran, China, North Korea and Russia completely violated? And how can future generations of Americans be prosperous considering the thousands of jobs Obama’s EPA has destroyed?

What do the Clintons have on Obama that he remains quiet about Hillary’s crimes and about her exposing America to espionage and security violations, and how can he remain silent as he sees his administration possibly falling apart due to her illegal actions? Can our nation ever hold its head high again considering the progressive/liberal/ Democrat filth and trash we elected in the executive branch seven years ago? The man who swore to “fundamentally transform America” has accomplished his goal, and then he took a step further and is transforming his presidency and this great nation into a banana republic and a bastion of corruption as we see our political system exploding in our faces.

This kind of international embarrassment is what a nation gets when it elects a radical socialist to be president, with the specific intent to “fundamentally transform” the nation.  One can only hope we’ve learned a lesson and can sweep aside the weak sisters from congress and the White House and install a patriotic American to the Oval Office.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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