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The Strange Death Of Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia

Antonin Scalia
FILE – In this Wednesday, April 7, 2004 file photo, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia speaks to Presbyterian Christian High School students in Hattiesburg, Miss. On Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016, the U.S. Marshall’s Service confirmed that Scalia has died at the age of 79. (Gavin Averill/The Hattiesburg American via AP)

Obama and poindexter

The sudden death of supreme court judge Antonin Scalia at a Texas ranch is strange to say the least with many unanswered questions.

Scalia was staying at the popular Cibolo Creek ranch for a hunting trip. The ranch is a popular resort for the rich and famous such as actor Tommy Lee Jones and rocker Mick Jagger and political figures such as Antonin Scalia.  It is owned by  wealthy Texas millionaire and well known democratic donor John Poindexter  and who also received an award from Barack Obama related to his military service in Vietnam.
It has been long-standing policy for the Obama administration to grant presidential awards to those who are among the president’s most prized political donors.

Describing the night before Scalia passed, Poindexter told reporters, “He was seated near me and I had a chance to observe him. He was very entertaining. But about 9 P.M. he said, ‘it’s been a long day and a long week, I want to get some sleep.’”

It was Poindexter who reportedly was among those who initially discovered the Justice’s body, and who then coordinated with local officials to have Justice Scalia declared dead via a phone conversation with the area medical examiner – but without an actual medical examination of the body.

Mr. Poindexter was also said to be the primary point man between the ranch location and federal authorities who were notably slow to arrive on scene.

To date, there is said to have been no request for an autopsy even though initial reports suggest the Supreme Court Justice was found with a “pillow over his head” and had died alone in his room without any apparent witnesses. Scalia was described as having been in good spirits in the hours prior to his death.

The Texas county judge who decided no autopsy was needed following the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has disclosed new details about Scalia’s health in the days before he died.

Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara told The Associated Press on Monday she spoke with Scalia’s doctor on the day he was found dead in his room at a remote Texas ranch. She said the doctor told her that Scalia had a history of heart trouble, high blood pressure and was considered too weak to undergo surgery for a recent shoulder injury.

Those details are seemingly at odds with recollections of friends who described Scalia as his usual, happy self during the days leading up to his death. News that the 79-year-old justice was in declining health may come as a surprise to the public, but unlike presidents, the high court’s members don’t provide regular health disclosures.

Guevara told the AP that she consulted with Scalia’s personal physician and local and federal investigators, who said there were no signs of foul play, before concluding that he had died of natural causes. She said she spoke with a “Dr. Monahan” at some point after 8 p.m. on Saturday to discuss Scalia’s health history.

Rear Adm. Brian P. Monahan is the attending physician for members of Congress and the Supreme Court. A Supreme Court spokeswoman could not immediately confirm that Monahan had examined Scalia, and Monahan did not return a phone message left for him at his Capitol office Monday. GOPUSA – Texas judge disclosed more details about Scalia’s health

An article in the Canadian press raised some interesting points to be considered:

How convenient that one of the most conservative members of the Supreme Court, the one that’s been an open sore to the Obama administration throughout its tenure, just lies down and dies, thus creating a vacancy on the court that could have ramifications for America’s future too depressing to contemplate.

What’s more, the decision by Texas judge Cinderela Guevara that an independent autopsy was ‘unnecessary’ stinks to high heaven, given what’s at stake.

 The second ingredient for murder is motive and the administration certainly had plenty of that. Justice Scalia’s devotion to strict Constitutional textual interpretation of the law was a major hindrance to the implementation of the progressive agenda. As such, all whose goals include transforming the United States into a socialist workers’ paradise would see his demise as a blessing.

Finally and most important, is opportunity. What better place to take care of a pesky Supreme Court Justice than a remote ranch somewhere in west Texas over a Valentine’s Day Weekend? Given the means available to cause a death made to look like natural causes and the motive to salvage Obama’s legacy, these circumstances raise enough questions about what happened at the Cibolo Creek Ranch Saturday night to warrant a thorough investigation into the cause of Justice Scalia’s death, if for no other reason than to determine that those of us who are paranoid are wrong.

But then, we all know the Obama mantra about not letting a crisis go to waste.

 News of the tragedy barely got out before Barack Obama and Harry Reid pounced at the prospect of shaping a liberal majority on the Supreme Court… Radical special interests immediately began jockeying behind the scenes to ensure Obama replaces Justice Scalia with a left-wing radical… And they’re already planning to spend millions of dollars to intimidate and manipulate our elected officials to make sure it happens.

Yes there are plenty of questions to be answered and this was all done so quickly. Questions like:

 Why did law enforcement personnel tell Presidio County Judge Cinderela Guevara that there was no evidence of foul play when Scalia was found alone in his room with a pillow over his head?

Was the immediate clampdown on any suggestion of foul play an attempt to prevent an autopsy from taking place?

Why did Guevara initially tell the media Scalia had died of a heart attack before hastily changing her mind and saying he died of natural causes?

Why did Guevara pronounce that Scalia had died of natural causes without having actually seen the body?

Why is no autopsy taking place despite Guevara’s confusion as to how Scalia died – a decision disputed by other officials?

Why was it necessary for no less than 20 police officers to escort Scalia’s dead body to the Sunset Funeral Home in El Paso?

Why was Scalia’s body quickly embalmed, a process that would destroy toxicology evidence?

 One commenter I saw had this to say: 

mrp151 February 16, 2016 at 9:18 am

Looks like this judge is in on the conspiracy theory with Obama and/or Hillary.  It’s shameful that the rush to embalming prevented a proper autopsy which neither felon wanted to occur. It would not be the first time either one of them committed murder. Judge Scalia stood in the way of promoting their agenda and they wanted to replace him. In memory of Justice Scalia, the GOP must NOT allow it.

I believe that we need an autopsy to clearly determine his cause of death. I cannot believe that a person in such an important position can have his death determined by a telephone call.

An extremely high ranking official suddenly dies and there is no autopsy and everyone takes these people who are all democratic donors word for it without an examination of the body? This all stinks to high heaven.

I am reminded of all the mysterious deaths associated with Bill Clinton whenever anyone got in his way. Most notably Vince Foster who allegedly was having an affair with Hillary and knew an awful lot was suddenly found dead in Ft. Marcy Park from a gunshot wound to the head even though there was no blood.

As a popular song from the sixties said, “Yes something’s happening here. What it is isn’t exactly clear. Everybody look what’s going ‘round.”



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One Comment

  1. This administration has taken part in many ‘nefarious’ and likely illegal activities. HOWEVER, in times of civil unrest that is growing it seems to be prudent to use CAUTION in endorsing or perpetuating theories that are not anymore than just that….something that ‘may’ be possible.

    This is a 5 star resort that is used for weddings, hunting trips and seminars and ‘happens’ to owned by a Democrat….Do we ask if our favorite dinner spot is owned by a Democrat?

    Poindexter was attempting to acquire additional land (Big Bend Nat’l Pk) at time of his donation to Obama and needed BLM approval who also received donations…..How is this different from Trump’s admission (& others) buying their favors?

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