How Stupid, Contradictory And Illogical Can Obama Be?

Setting aside any consideration about the physical danger that relocating terrorist fighters from the prison in Guantanamo to an American state would present to the citizens of that state, the idiotic illogic of Obama on this entire matter is astounding.

What our president repeatedly and painfully gives as a reason to shut down Guantanamo and move the detainees to a prison in Colorado or Kansas is that having the prisoners at the Cuba location makes radical Islamists angry and gains converts to groups such as ISIS and the terrorist, radical cause. Unsaid by our thoughtless president but implicit in his message, is that only the Gitmo location makes terrorists mad and they will be happy with our imprisoning the current cache of bad guys currently at Gitmo if they are moved to a maximum security prison on American soil.

Does this idiocy, from one who is himself a radical, leftist, America-hating man who happens to be our president, make any sense at all? Is he suggesting that relocating detainees from a warm environment (Cuba) to a colder environment (Colorado or Kansas) would settle the nerves of radical Islamists around the world? Or is the subject really about Obama keeping a campaign promise (made seven years ago, so a little over due at this point) to close Guantanamo? More likely Obama is trying to clear the prison so he can give Gitmo to the Castro brothers as partial repayment and reparation for all of the pain and suffering America has caused the great nation of Cuba all these years.

How many times have we seen our brave president take credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden? Obama struts and parades this military action as though he personally tracked Bin Laden to his lair and personally pulled the trigger on the rifle that ended his life. But our foolish president cannot imagine why any radical Islamist would be angered by this repeated claim of glory by the great commander-in-chief Obama. Knowing that an American president had given the go-ahead to the killing of the terrorist leader who was the hero of the militant Islamic\terrorist world would not cause radical Syrians or Iraqis to join the effort to bomb American cities and kill Americans? No, the reason the Islamic world hates America is only because we hold their soldiers in Guantanamo. Total idiocy and typical liberal/progressive, blame-America-first thinking.

Obama makes totally illogical points and his liberal pals just nod their heads in lock-step agreement, and then they caucus to devise some new scheme to take liberty, freedom and prosperity away from the American citizens.

How can this great nation have such total fools ruling and ruining it?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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