Great Briton Has Gone Totally Mad

A week does not go by when I wake-up and read about some asinine policy that some Liberal idiot comes up with. Now it seems that England also has Liberal idiots as well. The United Kingdom is giving school children a diverse array of 25 options when it comes to identifying themselves on a government-sponsored gender survey, which includes “tri-gender,” “genderqueer,” and “in the middle of boy and girl.” Can Liberals think of any more ways to screw-up our children?

The survey given to 13- to 18-year-old teens in Brighton, U.K., was produced by the government-sponsored Children’s Commissioner for England. It is described by many as being bizarre and misleading, at best. Teens were prompted to check “as many as they wanted” on the questionnaire, which included “demi-boy,” “agender,” and “gender fluid” alongside the traditional options of “boy,” “girl,” “male” and “female.”

The selection list included: “Agender,” “All genders,” “Androgynous,” “Bi-gender,” “Boy,” “Demi-boy,” “Demi-girl,” “Female,” “Gender fluid,” “Gender nonconforming,” “Genderqueer,” “Girl,” “In the middle of boy and girl,” “Intersex,” “Male,” “Non-binary,” “Not sure,” “Others (please state),” “Rather not say,” “Tomboy,” “Trans-boy,” “Trans-girl,” Tri-gender,” “Young man” and “Young woman.”

Maybe I am just an old fashion guy, but when I was growing up there were 2 genders, we were either male or female and that was it, where all these other options come from is beyond me. Why do governments seem to intentionally want to collapse society? Christian Institute Deputy Director Simon Calvert says, “But for some children, it will be profoundly confusing to find out that there are adults who don’t seem to know that boys are boys and girls are girls.” Finally, someone in England that has a little common sense.

The British Christian leader insists that the distinctions given in the Bible about human sexuality are the given by God to safeguard them from falling into all types of deviant attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles. “To feel safe, children need to know there are some simple boundaries in life,” Calvert explains. “The basic biological categories of male and female are amongst the most simple and fundamental boundaries of all.” Why aren’t people like him running the country?

Society is collapsing all around us and it’s our own government that is doing it. Where is the outcry, why are people putting up with this crap? I can’t speak for Great Briton, but as far as this country goes, another Liberal-Progressive cannot be elected for the next 50 years, maybe then we can get society back on track.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. YES ! YOU ARE OLD FASHIONED….and I wish science would find a way to clone the attitude!!! Your’re going to make one heck of a adult someday….:) 🙂

    My head is about to come off from shaking it back in forth in disbelief from some of what is dominating our time (& money)…

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