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BlizzardZilla 2016 – #JONAS updates and images

Meteorologists have slowly been escalating this week’s weather from snowy, to really snowy to “Blizardilla 2016” – visit this page regularly to see updates on this year’s record storm.

Regular Updates on the Winter Storm ‘Jonas’

New York City now expecting up to 2 feet of snow – Mayor considering travel ban…

Students stuck on Pennsylvania turnpike for more than 11 hours…

D.C. covered

More than 90,000 without power and  at least 6 dead in North Carolina due to winter weather…

Nashville police using 4-wheelers to rescue people stranded in traffic for hours on I-40

Almost 1,000 crashes in North Carolina due to #jonas.

A winter storm so powerful it’s even affecting the 2016 Presidential campaign.

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Philly’s SEPTA system to close 4am Saturday

Flights cancelled at Philly international

Blizzard warning for New York City and surrounding area

3,000+ Flights Cancelled

D.C. Metro service to be suspended for the weekend

Federal government offices close at noon on Friday

#Jonas images and maps


Snowfall prediction for New York City/Long Island

– Areas being Declared “State of Emergency” due to storm:

The system is rapidly moving across the United States with a bullseye on the mid-Atlantic region.

Once this system reaches the Mississippi River Valley tomorrow evening, it will begin to really take shape, dumping heavy rain to much of the Southeast. After the Gulf of Mexcio supplies it with plenty of moisture, it will make its turn towards the Northeast for Friday where it will meet with colder air in the mid-Atlantic. This system will have a whole host of hazardous impacts including flooding rains throughout the Carolinas, moderate to high coastal flooding for areas spanning from Long Island to Virginia Beach, wind gusts of 40-60 mph along the East Coast, and oh yes, a ton of snow!

Forecaster are calling for massive amounts of snow and extremely cold temps to be centered on West Virginia, Virginia and Washington D.C. starting Friday.

On Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service issued a blizzard watch for the entire metro region due to the potential blinding combination of snow and powerful winds. “Potential life-threatening conditions [are] expected Friday night into Saturday night,” the National Weather Service says. “Travel is expected to be severely limited if not impossible during the height of the storm Friday night and Saturday.”

Snow is already falling, but from a much less-powerful system:

While many Americans hate their drive to and from work, imagine what happens when the roads turn to crap in the nation’s capital. Oh, wait… no need to envision it, here’s what the D.C. commute looked like Wednesday night and this is 36 hours from the storm forecasters are actually worried about.

But have faith, there’s help on the streets should drivers be unable to get up that snowy hill:

Even the President’s motorcade couldn’t escape the hazards:

Ok, forget the whole ‘have faith’ thing – D.C. isn’t ready for this … at all.’

That’s just the beginning. Forecasters are predicting that there is a better-than-even chance that at least one foot of snow will get dumped on the metropolitan D.C. area when #BlizzardZilla2016 hits on Friday.

At least one inch: 95 percent or higher
At least four inches: 85 percent
At least eight inches: 75 percent
At least 12 inches: 65 percent
At least 18 inches: 40 percent
At least 24 inches: 15 percent

Even if just four inches fall, surface streets will be hazardous and the government will shut down. Eight inches … the entire city will shut down.

Washington D.C. won’t be the only city hit. People from North Carolina to New York are being warned of winter storm impacts that could leave them unable to leave their homes.

A prolonged issue with roadways is not expected so this shouldn’t result in the emptying of grocery shelves, but those that don’t at least have the basics should probably grab a few things in the morning.

And on the lighter side, the mostly-ignored comedienne Ellen Degeneres has decided to use this weather event to point out that Hollywood is racist.. or something.

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We’ll continue to update this post with information, images and … whatever we can find on #BlizzardZilla2016.

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