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Are these the supposedly heavily-armed militia attacking Oregon?

The Twitter hashtag #oregonUnderAttack is childish at best and inflammatory at its worst, but exactly how dangerous are the armed militia that walked into an unlocked wildlife refuge building?

While it is difficult to understand the motives for the non-violent takeover of an unpopulated building, we can continue to find images of the violent extremists.

We scoured available sources for images of the heavily-armed militia and we have confirmation ..

That’s not all, there are more images of the paramilitary forces camping out in a Fish and Wildlife Services hut.

All Americans should be terrified by these individuals who have killed and maimed exactly .. nobody. They have burned and vandalized $0 of property. They have stolen nothing, hurt no one and their largest crime is trespassing on land that is actually public and normally fully-open to .. anyone.

Twitter is contrasting these guys with the Baltimore and Ferguson riots saying that the only reason these guys aren’t being killed is because they are white. Could it be because of there respectful and peaceful protest versus the $1 billion cost of the black lives matter terrorists in Ferguson and Baltimore?

No one can predict what might come from the stand-off, but equating childish destruction and mayhem to the non-violent taking of an empty building is naive at best and inciteful at worst.

Some on twitter are calling the squatters “fascists”, but that’s simple ignorance. Fascism is both nationalistic and authoritarian in character. Think Hitler, Mussolini, Chiang Kai-shek and more. These boys are anti-establishment at it’s core. The federal government is providing the authoritarian part and that’s where the rub lies. But never fear, the heavily-armed FBI is on the way to Oregon to deal with the insurgents.

Ruby Ridge, Branch Dividian, etc.. what could go wrong?

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. This is a perspective that worth considering…..and results could well end like Waco. (I recall that was done by a Democratic Administration also anti guns) I hope that for a change that this doesn’t call for a knee jerk reaction…..but common sense is void in this administration

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