Carly in.. THE.. Worst .. political .. ad .. EVER [video] –

What group of half-witted political consultants drove this idea to production?? Sure, Obama ate dog meat, but he’s not up for re-election.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Well, Rich, I can’t help but shake my head and repeat your question. But does it really matter since I suspect this is a tool to start conversation…..aka a collection of opinions about Carley….and, like mos, I have one to share.

    She has some redeeming qualities and traits (as do most of candidates). The question is, do they rise to the level of President? Probably not, particularly in a time of such turmoil…..However, she is an intelligent person and somewhere deep inside know that…..Still her very candidacy is a service to the Country….and she knows that. She can say things about Hillary that none of the others can. She can (is) the lead attack dog…unafraid and willing to put herself out there between us and our worst opponent that would complete Obama’s mission. Her wounds will heal as Our Nation regroups and is well again..

    Researching some of the candidates, I was beyond shocked to find what campaign staffs are paid. One of the ‘lowest’ managers is approximately $17,000 a month (Carson) and we know she isn’t well financed and the ‘get what you pay for’ applies. I must say though, this ‘ad’ really, well, the less said, the better. Name recogniation isn’t everything.

    I hope all will vote for the Country first.

    1. I liked Fiorina early on. She was on top of the issues of the day, did the whole “adult in the room” thing really well in crowded debates and was able to turn any question into exactly what she wanted to talk about. But that was it. She was great in the debates, but her campaign looked poorly managed and terribly executed. I fear she would struggle to get much done when more than just a primary is at stake.

      1. Unfortunately her abilities didn’t result in a campaign staff that is (was) up to the task. Walker was also plagued with the same inability to work the national stage.

        I still think she has many redeeming qualities….but am looking for someone that can lead in this time of turmoil with aggressive decision making. I see bits and pieces in several….. ah, if only I could just figure how to combine them in a single candidate.

        With this many choices many will need to acknowledge that at times we must step out of our righteousness and accept the decision of the majority ‘if’ we wish to remain a sovereign nation under GOD.

        That old adage “Together we stand, divided we fall” is absolute

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