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University Students Make Racist Demands, And Liberal Administrators Cave

Who says today’s young people don’t play old-time, traditional games anymore? The radicals and black students at Kansas University are playing the fond old game of follow-the-leader after watching the Missouri University student body punch the MU administration a few times and get away with it. Young people have traditionally attended college to learn, but at MU and KU what the black students are learning is that if they make racist demands they’ll get what they want. The very fact that these black students are attending the university is proof that racism isn’t an issue at KU or MU, and when student demands are made for idiotic things not related to education, it can be assumed that those students making the demands are there for political reasons that have nothing to do with higher education.

On the other hand, the current-day radicals making these demands are learning that the liberal administrators at our major universities do not hold any hard and fast principles of what it takes to properly educate a student body because they will buckle under to any and all threats so as not to appear to be racists.  Is that principled leadership? Are the administrators actually being racist by surrendering traditional education principles to the students’ demands? I see only “liberal privilege” in the black students’ demands and in their disruption of all the other students’ educations. But for conservatives, it’s sort of fun to watch the liberal administrators at KU and MU take a few punches from the young students spouting their “white privilege” crap at the president and faculty.  It’s like we’re living the sixties all over again.

Some enlightening feed-back is being provided to anyone observing these ridiculous goings-on: by caving to the student’s off-the-wall demands liberal administrators are either admitting that their long-held policies of educating students are wrong, as mentioned above, or the administrators are themselves being racists by backing off from the policies that are known to provide a solid educational background for students to make them successful in the current and future competitive world. I ask the administrators of KU and MU: which is it? If you believe that studying the book Fifty Shades of Grey is really offering a sound education and that free education and a forgiveness of college loans is sustainable without forcing future confiscatory taxes to be paid by the very students who are now insisting on these idiotic things, then announce your decision and go with it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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