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The Next Leftist Push Is “Climate Justice” And The U.S. Is Once Again The Culprit They’ll Punish

When Obama goes to Paris in December of this year his mission will be to punish the United States on the international stage for being free and prosperous.  He’s already set back much of America’s prosperity via domestic EPA regulations, the issuance of massive quantities of executive orders and just plain ignoring existing laws, so now it’s time to let the Somalis, Cubans and North Koreans of the world flail away at us and loot us in an international court of “Climate Justice”.

The Paris meeting will be under the auspices of the U.N. Climate Summit where they will create an “International Tribune/Court of Climate Justice” which will enable the “poor” nations of the world (poor like China which owns trillions of dollars of our debt) can get a break from the economic dominance of the mean, dictatorial United States. Of course the reason there are so many poor nations in the world is because there are so many nations living under dictatorial rule that don’t allow capitalism to generate wealth and prosperity for their citizens.

Most of us laugh at Jesse Jackson’s social justice pitch because we know it’s just an attempt to shake-down soft drink, beer and other industries for some cash which major corporations can afford to dole out to Jesse and his pals in order to shut them up, but these guys at the United Nations are serious about this Climate Justice thing: they will form a court to punish the U.S. for its imagined climate change abuses and they’ll make us pay big for our alleged crimes by transferring immense chunks of our wealth to third world treasuries (or rather to the Swiss bank accounts of third world nations’ dictators).

Obama has been the king of big, liberal government failures with his red lines, his resets, his Iran nuke deal, his retreat from Iraq, his billions of dollars wasted on Solar products that no one wants, his 18 trillion dollar debt, his destruction of healthcare through the Obamacare fraud, and now he’s going to allow the “poor” countries of the world to not only loot the U.S. treasury via wealth transfers to abused countries but will also enable the looting of private American companies via an international court that wants a significant wealth transfer from Americans and will get it under Obama’s plan, and all based on the lie of climate change/global warming.

CFACT and World News Daily have reported extensively on these matters and citizens of the United States had better pressure their legislators to oppose this latest push by Obama for international courts or our nation will be unrecognizable at the end of his administration.  This abuse by a radical, America-hating president is what happens when our legislators take the threat of impeachment off the table and the president gets free rein to commit any crimes against his own countrymen that he wants to, and Obama will further escalate his evil plans and schemes unless congress gets some courage and begins opposing him.

Comfortable, compliant and relatively wealthy Americans must learn quickly that the things Obama is cooking up to punish and “fundamentally transform” America are not on a par with the costs of LBJ’s welfare state, nor the social security promise of FDR, both of which programs our economy was able to absorb and still keep producing wealth and jobs.  The things Obama now has in store for us (millions of illegals, who will never be sent home, driving down the wages of formerly good jobs;  trillions of dollars of debt that will never be paid off; welfare housing to be located in middle-class neighborhoods that can never be removed; children poorly educated in government schools who will never get a decent education, and, because of political indoctrination in the classroom, will never learn enough about our constitutional system to oppose tyranny, and these poorly educated young people will likely become poorly paid adults, especially when you consider the number of illegals competing for the reduced number of jobs.  And we must be reminded that because of Obama’s refusal to fight ISIS in Iran and Syria, Europe is now drowning in a sea of refugees, mostly young Muslim men from Middle Eastern nations, whose plan is to transform Europe just as Obama’s promise was to “fundamentally transform America”.

The U.N.s ”Climate Justice” court will very likely fine General Motors and Ford billions of dollars for selling automobiles that burn the evil carbon product of gasoline, which will likely cause the companies to halt production of vehicles that people want to own and ramp up the production of electric cars that no one will buy, thereby stalling profits of automobile and many other impacted and targeted industries and causing those industries’ employees and investors economic suffering for the outrageous third world punishment of our domestic industries.  And the jobs lost via this idiotic “climate justice’ court will be gone forever.

Once a nation is destroyed by outside forces that nation is gone and the pleasant lives of its citizens are history.  We must wake up as American citizens and force our legislators to address these terminal issues, now!

None of Obama’s schemes related to the United Nations Climate Court plan can be undone once they are implemented.  We will have to live with the international punishment and the trillions of dollars we will be forced to hand over to third world nations, and when our military runs out of money, as Obama has already begun assuring will happen, American citizens will be forced to live and exist at the mercy of Nigeria, Vietnam, North Korea and many other rogue nations.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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