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The Chess Game That Is Syria; World War III In The Making?

In a 60 Minutes interview President Obama was asked about Russia’s military plan in Syria, diametrically opposed to US interests and Obama stated “I’d rather lead on Climate Change”.   Climate Change is the only aspect of the world Obama admits he will lead on.  The US foreign policy under the Obama Administration is “leading from behind”.

And it has been a disaster, this foreign policy.  The US has never been as vulnerable as it stands today.  Wholly in part by “leading from behind”, the US meddling in the Middle Eastern revolts started in 2011.  Meddling by assisting in propping up the “Arab Spring”, US agents covertly aided and conspired to overthrow Mubarak in Egypt.  The vacuum it created led to a Muslim Brotherhood led regime, and sparked the fire that became the first domino to fall.

Next, Libya fell with the cheers of the Islamic extremists dragging Gaddafi’s dead body through Misrata.  It’s been confirmed that Syrian President Assad sold Gaddafi’s cell number to French spies to locate Gaddafi.  The French were highly involved in controlling Gaddafi being found dead.  Sources confirmed in 2012 that Gaddafi could testify to links with then President Nicolas Sarkozy.  Assad was given a “grace period” promised by the French in return for the cell number.  Apparently this “grace period” referred to Assad’s own Presidency, as the dominos of Middle Eastern dictators continued to fall.

Obama and his foreign policy advisors, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Powers and Valerie Jarrett got it wrong from the beginning.  The language out of the White House was one of elation, praising the Arab Spring as a grass roots, student led social network started movement.  The White House took the stance as the ultimate “democracy”, the “original” revolutionary movement for freedom, patting the backs and urging the new revolutionaries to follow in the steps of the great US example of government for the people by the people.  The main stream media followed suit, reporting sentiment instead of facts.

The Middle East is a complex misunderstood vortex of different tribes and an underlying theocracy not a democracy.  It is not possible with its Muslim influence, the history of the Islamic extremists thought ingrained in its people to achieve a true democracy.  Simply, it would be the equivalent of turning the US into an Islamic theocratic nation.  Ingrained in Americans is freedom of thought, governing by the people, with religion a private matter.  To overthrow such patterns does not happen by a grass roots social network started “revolution”.  People will die for their “culture” and so it is in the Middle East.  Central to that culture is Islam.  How naïve, how incredibly irresponsible Obama acted with the cheerleading and the covert agents attempting to guide these uprisings thinking the outcome would be mini USA’s springing up where a short history lesson tells this will never be.

Six years later, Obama has alienated our greatest ally Israel, and has managed to blow up the Middle East into the powder keg that is Syria.  Looking back at the Arab Spring, we see now what should have been predicted by US foreign policy, and primarily by the State Department under Hillary Clinton.  Egypt and Libya became vacuums, with hundreds of thousands casualties, following the Arab Spring.  Neither country is stable, with civil wars and jihadists controlling sections of each country.  Egypt has fared better than Libya, with a non Muslim Brotherhood leader currently in power.  However, the power grab has cycled over and over with the undertones always of an Islamic state.  Libya is at civil war, with half the country in control by a Gaddafi general, the other half is a total Islamic state ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is worth noting, that the biggest persecuted sect are Christians.  Particularly disheartening is the plight of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, who have been massacred and continue to be plotted against to this day.

This is the outcome, a total disaster with no end in sight.  What is in sight is escalation, as we turn our attention to Syria, where world powers are now in conflict.  Back in 2012, Henry Kissinger, one of the keenest minds on foreign policy warned:

Whether the Arab Spring in fact enhances the scope of individual freedom or instead replaces feudal authoritarianism with a new era of absolute rule based on sect-based permanent majorities will not be disclosed by the initial proclamations of the revolutionaries. Traditional fundamentalist political forces, reinforced by alliance with radical revolutionaries, threaten to dominate the process while the social network elements which shaped the beginning are being marginalized.”

Syria’s civil war started by Sunni’s who wanted to overthrow Assad, who is an “Alawite” (Shiite offshoot).  The Middle East can be seen as a war between the Sunni’s and the Shiite’s.  ISIS is a Shiite apocalyptic group who believe now is the time for a “Caliph” to be established.  Thus, the term “caliphate” which is an Islamic government led by the Caliph who is thought to be the direct successor to the Prophet Muhammad.  Iran, Yemen, Iraq and Syria are ISIS nation’s with Shiite control.  ISIS is on the move to gain more and more ground, until it has control over a good segment of the Middle East.

Russia’s involvement in Syria is strictly geopolitical.  To allow Assad, their ally to fall, would be a strategic nightmare for Russia, allowing Sunni terrorists a direct route to the caucus region of Russia.  Russia also has a military base in Syria, its location vital for the Russian Navy.  It’s not Assad Russia is protecting, it’s Russian interests.  The US allowing Russian forces into the region is the most problematic issue which will come back to haunt the US in the end.

Russia is aligned with Iran; together they can command the region.  Iran’s duel nature, acting as a sovereign state on certain world matters, while backing terrorism throughout the Middle East, now aligning itself with Russia, will have to be dealt with by the US.  The nuclear deal with Iran compounds the weak position US foreign policy has now placed itself, for leading from behind doesn’t work.  It does not work in a region which is thwarted by an apocalyptic force called ISIS that wills itself to be God’s army on earth.  Or with a nuclear Iran, who’s leader Ali Khamenei, stated the day after the nuclear deal was concluded, “Death to the Great Satan”.

The Obama presidency has over 14 months in power to continue its cataclysmic policies.  As unpopular as boots on the ground in the Middle East is, it is the only way to defeat ISIS.  Russia has given lip service to bombing ISIS, yet reports confirm any bombing of ISIS by Russia has been dismal, only a show to back up Putin’s rhetoric on eliminating ISIS.  Russia is there for power.  Russia was kicked out of the region over 40 years ago, which was the beginning of the end of the USSR.  Putin has been on task to establish Russia as the USSR of old, and an important piece toward that goal is power in the Middle East.

The Middle East cannot be ignored by the US as a problem that can be handled by Russia or the United Nations.  The actors in these regions in the Middle East are the enemies of the US and if left unchecked will continue to gain power, continue to gain a greater organized front ultimately with the goal of US dominance.  With a proxy war being waged with Iran and Russia on one side and the US and the Gulf States on the other, it truly is a recipe for the makings of a World War.

This is a “clear and present danger”.  Our next President must be one who employs a sound, realistic strategy to confront the evils which call for the annihilation of America.


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Rebecca Diserio

About Rebeca Diserio–After the tragic death of her first husband, LA County Deputy Sheriff Stephen Blair (Gang Unit, Compton, CA), in the line of duty, she became a Conservative Writer, Activist, and Speaker. She worked on Star Parker’s campaign, co-managing a district office. Currently, she is the CEO & Executive Producer of FIDELIS RADIO NETWORK, and host of the REBECCA DISERO show. She resides with her 3 sons, 3 dogs and 3 cats.

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