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Republican Party Is No Better

The surge of Donald Trump has upset many people, but it seems the people he is upsetting the most, are the people in his own party. It seems that Republican donors with links to several presidential candidates as well as a prominent GOP operative are pooling their resources in a new effort to go after Donald Trump and keep the party’s presidential front-runner from winning the nomination. The group’s goal, according to The Wall Street Journal, is to collect money from anonymous donors to “defeat and destroy” Trump.

Donald Trump is ahead in every poll, so why is the Republican Party so against him instead of supporting him? Well, I believe it is because he can’t be bought and main stream Republicans don’t like that. Trump is his own man who won’t be intimidated.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is planning to air attack ads against Trump in New Hampshire. And, in a sign of the project’s appeal among donors, it is starting to get funding from donors backing candidates other than Kasich, including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. The anti-Trump effort comes as he continues to dominate the polls. The latest Fox News poll showed him with a record 28 percent support from primary voters.

Let’s face it, Trump does not take crap from anyone, he says what needs to be said, unlike all those that are plotting against him. Trying to destroy Trump when he is so popular can be very dangerous for the Republican Party. The anti-Trump group wants $250,000 from the other GOP presidential campaigns to run anti-Trump TV, radio and web ads and to pitch opposition research to local stations in early-voting states.

The voice of the people is supposed to be what counts, not what the party elite want. With Trump gaining support with Republican voters as well as independent voters, I think the Republicans better start listening. Some in the so-called Republican establishment and GOP “donor class” fear the party will lose the general election if Trump wins the nomination, arguing his comments and views are alienating Hispanic and black voters.

I could see the Left Wing Media and the Democratic Party just sitting back and letting the Republicans destroy themselves. At one point they said Reagan wouldn’t be able to win either and look what happened there. Let the people decide, not the establishment Republicans.

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  1. The ‘Good ole Boys Club has moved from boiler rooms filled with cigar smoke and whisky to the glass and chrome of high rise board rooms…..I believe it was Webster that said “There are men that mean to govern well, but make no mistake….they mean to govern”…..That’s just as true today as when he said it. For reasoning that escapes my logic, money seems to be equated with knowledge. Although ‘stuck’ with a moniker like ‘Reince”, he isn’t exactly struggling to meet daily needs, nor are the other inner circle. They are stuck in the muck and blinded by their own feelings of superiority. And really can’t see beyond their nose. Trump is a threat to ..them….apparently a bigger one than Hillary.

    Numerous times over the last 6 yrs that I have ‘attempted to reach RP’s office, I have been rebuffed or ignored. I have already heard from them several times this month…wanting my money for the party to use….I share fragments of my brain and hang up….

    A word of caution to all voters: “ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD’….and that warm glow of satisfaction disappears with the last puff of the cigarette after…..Do more than scratch the shinning surface, go deep and see what’s below the surface….don’t take my word. your best friends, you lover or the media. This is your future, this vetting also is your opportunity to make a difference.

    “Listen closely, Grasshopper, choose wisely….Please

    1. Jan, there is an old saying, “You get the government you deserve.” If you vote an idiot into office, you deserve what you get.

      1. There’s a lot of truth in that, Chris, BUT let’s not ignore those ‘idiots’ that were too lazy or stubborn to even vote. Obama apparently is the only ” my way or highway’ in the crowd….if he was, then Romney would be president….Until the general populous will vote FOR AMERICA rather than just themselves it isn’t likely to change. “The greater good” must be in play more than ever in 2016.

        WE ARE AT WAR !! Our Constitution is being shredded, and our Bill of Rights is a muddy doormat…IF all that claim to be true patriots will act in unison, we can salvage what is left and build on it to full restoration in a few generations.

        There are times in life when we have to step on a slippery rock to get to the other side….

        This is a ‘God given nation” and we must honor and protect it.

        1. I’ve always said the reason we have Obama is because many Conservatives stayed home because they thought Romney wasn’t Conservative enough. If you won’t vote for someone, than vote against someone, but vote.

          1. Agreed Chris. Romney Was NOT NEARLY Conservative enough & Many did Vote third Party or Stay home. I thank God that Romney did not win, for that reason AND because we would not have been awakened if he had. N any case as long as we Nominate Mere Fiscal Conservatives like Trump, or Self Proclaimed Conservatives like Romney & McCain, Social Conservatives will fail to turn out in great enough numbers to win. But that is BEST. We SHOULD BE Motivated to go to the Primaries & Bring our Friends And to CHOOSE SOLID Conservatives, like Cruz, Jindal, Santorum, and MAYBE Carson. Without one of these men, I am convinced our Executive will continue to be a drain on our ability to cut loose from all of the encumbering nonsense foisted on us over the last ten years.

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