Obama Says “No” To Keystone, But Has No Reasoning Nor Thinking Behind It At All

Aside from consideration about the pros and cons of pipelines and whether the environment in general would be served or hurt, Obama’s decision to kill the Keystone project is contrary to everything this nation stands for, so of course he opposed it.

He said that not enough jobs would be created by the effort and that we don’t need the additional oil, but the people who were ready and willing to spend millions of dollars of their own money on the construction and labor speak louder than Obama’s thoughtless, selfish negativity.  Did the people who built this great nation (the Morgans and the Rockefellers for example) concern themselves with the number of jobs their projects would create? And the “need” for a project is many times only realized with the passing of time, not with a conscious determination of need, and especially not the decision of a leftist president.  These builders of our nation envisioned something that could benefit themselves and they went for it, thereby benefitting thousands of people who were employed by them at the time, or who invested in them later.  We can all be thankful that these “Robber Barons” did the things they did, because they were (and still are) the difference between a do-nothing nation, and a nation like the United States, which has done terrific things.

We know Obama hates oil products, and it was a foregone conclusion that he would oppose this oil pipeline, which stood a good chance of actually making a profit for its investors, and we know as well that Obama won’t hesitate to approve solar or wind power projects, which earn a profit for very few people (and in the case of Solyndra and other such scandals, they benefitted mainly Obama in the form of donations to his campaigns), and waste billions of dollars of tax-payers’ money.

But Obama overthinks things like Keystone and considers them through a leftist prism.  What does it really matter how many jobs are created by a project like Keystone? We know that small businesses provide jobs way out of proportion to their size when put up against large corporations.  And even if only a few jobs are created, those few families are very appreciative of the income, and they’ll pay income taxes, which should please Obama.  And where is old, dumb Joe Biden, Obama’s jobs guy; he should have been able to talk Obama into letting the project proceed just for the jobs it would create.  But Commies will be Commies, and Obama’s dictatorial crushing of the project regardless of how much it could benefit people he doesn’t know, and a country he obviously hates, is proof of what type of person and leader he is.

Obama’s nyet to the project is why the current unemployment rate is so high in the U.S. and why there are so many people on welfare: Obama will always say no to anything that he and big government are not the center of; leftists want all projects to be run of, by and for government, and they don’t want money to be made that they are not the recipients of.

What liberal fools like Obama will never realize and never admit is that the majority of the world lives in worse circumstances than Americans, not because America’s Capitalism is evil nor due to the alleged plunder of colonial powers, but precisely because of decisions like the one Obama just made: a command decision to not engage in a new project because the ruler doesn’t like it and won’t permit it.  The reason Americans live better than most of the world is that our tradition of Capitalism and free enterprise allows people to follow their dreams and risk their own money in an attempt to enrich themselves, their families and others who may work for them or invest in their ideas.  Obama’s liberalism crushes individual citizens’ dreams and the entire society suffers, just as our economy is currently suffering under Obama’s dictatorial, leftist rule.  Rulings against this new pipeline made from above, as we just witnessed from Obama, will make it necessary to continue to buy oil from the Arabs, who hate us, as opposed to buying oil from Canada, which is a friendly nation located nearby.  Which would be the better choice for America: Arabia or Canada?  Obama’s opinion is that Arabia is a better source of our nation’s oil.

One may recall Obama’s “Yes, we can” slogan. Well, the “we” in that phrase applies to the pontifical “we” of Pope Obama and his big government, but it does not include an allowance for “Yes, you can” because if “you” want to build something or create something in Obama’s America, he will deny it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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