Obama Aids Our Enemies In Their War Against America

It’s been a very frustrating seven years while Obama has been in office, and the most frustrating has been the period of time since ISIS was proclaimed as being  a JV team and watching Obama do nothing as he pretended to fight this maximum foe.  With the numerous things Obama has said and done lately it’s now obvious why his actions have been so at odds with reality and the opposite of what he should have been doing: he is working against America in the war with ISIS; in his ill thought-out acceptance of “refugees” from Syria; in the invasion of illegals coming across our southern borders; in the praise of Missouri students for shutting down that university; in his tepid response to the latest terrorist attack on Paris; in his swooning attempts to please Putin and give him whatever he wants; in his signing the Iran nuke deal which assures the Mullahs of possessing a nuclear device in the near future; in his reluctance to really attack and rid us of ISIS and then stating that they had been contained a day before they attacked Paris and killed 128 people; and the U.N. Climate Summit he will soon attend which will establish the Climate Justice court from which perch anti-American dictators all over the world can attack and get reparations from American corporations, and probably from our government directly if Obama has anything to say about it. These judgements from this Climate Justice court will be for the purpose of economic justice for all of the imagined nasty things America and capitalism have done to the downtrodden of the world.

In a recent news conference Obama became offended and petulant when he was asked some questions about the lack of effectiveness and sincerity resulting from his failure to contain or defeat ISIS.  But each of the questions were long overdue from the liberal press who to this point have been fawning defenders of Obama and were, in this event, right on target with their probing questions.

One of Obama’s excuses for not being diligent in his conduction of a war on ISIS, who have already killed Americans and other nationalities around the world, was that America is deserving of ridicule for itself being a bad actor on the national scene. What Obama did not inform us of, is that if America is such a bad nation, why would the Syrian “refugees” want to come here and why would Obama insist that they do so.  But in spite of the fact that there is no vetting process for people relocating from Syria and that it’s a certainty that some of these “refugees” will be ISIS operatives who will take actions against this nation once they are established and able to get orders from their terrorist leaders, Obama still insists that they come to reside in America. Why?

Iran wants a nuclear device, and in spite of the harm that we know Iran will do with such a weapon as they fulfill their promise of Death to America, along with the destruction of Israel, Obama not only signed the deal that assures Iran of getting a nuclear device, he also freed up billions of dollars of impounded money for them to spend on their spread of Islamic terrorism around the world. Nothing Obama does makes Americans believe that he is on our side in this religious war.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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