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ISIS is contained… In Paris!

President Obama gives a whole new meaning to “altered reality.” The French President called it the first year President Obama was in office. After they met he alluded to the fact that Mr. Obama may have some real character flaws. His actions protecting America (or not) throughout his terms in office have proved his grasp on reality is almost nonexistent.

Those of you who love to read my pieces and then tell me how useless they are and what a waste of your time they are have always been a puzzlement to me. Why would you waste your time (your words, not mine) and then tell others what a fool I am! Curious.

If you are a hardcore Democrat who believes that no Democrat ever does anything wrong, stop reading now! This is not for you. If your Lord and Savior is Barack Obama, stop reading! You’ve been given fair warning…

Mr. Obama is not interested in protecting Americans. His daily actions prove it. Let’s just deal with the recent events, with the understanding that they are not so recent.

Remember these bombings, these killings, are planned out. It takes time. This wasn’t a sleeper cell or a rogue group. This was a coordinated, planned attack.

In the president’s speech the morning of the attack he said ISIS was contained, that they weren’t growing. Our president is delusional. They are still killing and maiming people all over the Middle East. They torture and brutally kill wherever they end up! When was the last time you saw a Christian or Jew holding up in the air a head that they just cut off alive person?!

On the same day of the President’s speech, 138+ people were killed… 100 execution-style! Think about that. Not murdered, not just killed, but EXECUTED! 38 others killed in the blasts with over 440 people injured. But apparently ISIS was contained… in Paris.

Was there no security intelligence anywhere? I think we will find out different somewhere down the road, as we frequently do.

Mr. Obama keeps telling us how we are continually fighting ISIS (that J.V. team) and we have contained and slowed them down. Where does he get the meaning to his words? They don’t seem to be the same as everyone else’s.

Why is it the Russians, the Jordanians, the French can act quickly and do more damage to ISIS in a few short days than the most effective military on the face of the planet has done in years? Why? Because our community-organizer-in-chief has put so many restrictions on our military that they cannot act. They fly an average of about 7 missions a day and rarely drop bombs. Why? Because the “military expert” sitting in the White House is calling the shots! And because the leaders of those countries care more about their citizens than ours do.

Mr. Obama will make sure we take in as many refugees as we can. Because one of his spokes-holes today said that the United States has a better vetting system than those other countries have. Is he serious? He is delusional once again. Are there computer systems that tie into the Syrian computer systems? Will he get ratings on these people? Will it tell him who belong to ISIS? When in doubt, you protect your family FIRST! Maybe he doesn’t consider us family…………….

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