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Donald Trump On Saturday Night Live!!

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I must admit I haven’t watched Saturday Night Live (SNL) for at least the past 20-30 years and from what I’ve  heard it  hasn’t been funny for many, many  years, but when I heard Donald Trump was hosting this week-end I had to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised and he made the show great again like he always says, but the only parts that were great were the parts he was in, otherwise I could see why the  show isn’t that funny anymore. I’m not saying that as a fan of Trump,but as an honest critic.

I thought the opening sketch which was a take-off on MSNBC with Rachel  Maddow interviewing the democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders was clever and funny. One thing SNL has always been good at is their impersonations. I knew right away the interviewer was supposed to be Rachel Maddow with the short dark hair and black horn rimmed glasses. The Hillary impersonation was just o.k., I’ve seen better, but the Bernie Sanders impersonation played by comedian Larry David was spot on looking and sounding just like him with his gruff New York Jewish accent and all. I had to wonder at first if they really got him for the part. That was funny. What was really interesting was that the skit was a take-off on the real  Hillary interview with Rachel Maddow earlier in the week on MSNBC even mocking and using the same questions.

Next Trump came out doing the monologue where he even mocked  the $5000 bounty put on him.Trump also had two cast members do impressions of him, which he said don’t have his talent, money, or good looks. During this, segment someone yelled, “You’re a racist!” And “Trump’s a racist!” It turns out that the heckler is actually Larry David, when Trump asks what he’s doing, David responded, “I heard if I yelled that they’d give me $5,000.” Trump responds that he can respect that as a businessman.

I thought that was a clever idea to put a stop to anyone who would actually carry the threat out and it made fools of the ones who initiated the bounty  during the week.

Outside the studios a small group of Latino protestors demonstrated against SNL for having Trump host the show. Unfortunately for them I bet the show has its’ highest ratings in years. Earlier in the week this same group posted a you tube video of five and six year old kids hurling ’F’ words at Trump and throwing the middle finger saying:  “This is our country Donald Trump” Many are accusing the group of child abuse and this will only backfire on them since people who see this will say ‘Trump was right about them. Look at that attitude that says this is our country now so deal with it.’

Another very good skit was Donald envisioning a Trump presidency with his wife  Melania at his side. The actress portraying Melania was a pretty good resemblance to the real Melania with her European accent. At one point the Mexican president comes in and presents Trump with a check for the wall which I thought was hilarious. Trump even had his real life daughter Ivanka come in as Secretary of Interior.

Another interesting skit had Trump saying he couldn’t appear in the skit because he was too busy but will be tweeting it and you can follow his tweets. For those of you who may not know, Trump always tweets during the democrat debates and followers can follow his Tweets. Here the tweets were criticizing the actors saying how boring they were. Towards the end of the skit a black woman comes on criticizing the other actors after following Trumps tweets. He then tweets and praises the woman and she reads it on her phone and tweets back thanking Donald saying how sweet he is to which Donald replies, “Thank you I love the blacks” She then gets angry and races towards the camera and they put up the test pattern screen.

The rest of the show was pretty lame and boring. I especially didn’t care for the week-end update segment which I always use to enjoy during the early Chevy Chase days. They had a part in that skit of a guy who was supposed to be Trump’s drunken uncle. I thought it was a combination of John Belushi and Foster Brooks  the Dean Martin Roast comedian who always portrayed a drunk.

The musical guest was this female Asian duo called Sea*a  which was the most bizarro act I’ve ever  seen that was like something from another planet.  A real advent guard pop art group. The one girl had hair straight down to her mouth cut across in even bangs hiding her face with one half being bright blonde and the other half dark black and a big huge several foot long bow on top of her head in her hair. She was dressed in a blue suit and the bow was a dark navy blue. The other girl was dressed in a karate outfit doing what appeared to be various judo chops and dances around the other girl as she was singing very reminiscent of  Yoko Ono. I wonder if Yoko manages this group.If not she should as it is right up her alley. Later on they returned and the same girl was dressed in a black suit with a giant black bow while the other girl was wrapped like a mummy in a black sheet and fell to the ground, rolled out of  the sheet and danced around the other girl. It was a unique gimmick that’s for sure. When I looked them up there are actually four women in the group who are actually very attractive young ladies.

I am including links to the Trump skits here you should definitely check out. 😉

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