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Boy Have Things Changed

Here is just one more example of how we have fallen as a society and how we are showing a dis-service to our children. When I was a kid, if I got in trouble at school, I got in trouble at home as well. If I got bad grades, my father would want to know why, then sit me down and hammer me with the flash cards, which he made out of 4X5 index cards. Not once was the school blamed and not once was the teacher blamed. The responsibility for getting in trouble or getting bad grades was totally on my shoulders.

I bring this up because I was sent a cartoon that made me think about how different things are, and not for the better I might add.

“What Kind Of Society Are We Leaving Our Kids” Available here.


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  1. Babies having babies…..Three (an a Half) generations ago, as adults, we ‘enjoyed’ the ‘If it feels good, do it” generation…that sometimes meant setting parenting aside. leaving the kiddos to figure it out for themselves….they, as adults can only pass on the habits and lessons they learned…and so on. A few years ago I asked a 3rd grade teacher what he was starting to teach the Constitution that young, his reply….”Not yet, we’re doing the Bill of Rights….

    Today a vast majority of teachers are young and ‘uneducated’ in many basic subjects and additionally bound by liberal ‘powers that be’. They often use their own monies for supplies….There are currently 63 commities in the Dept of Education with DUPLICATE programs $$$$!!

    Education at State level will filter to ‘the people’ that will have, as they say, skin in the game.

    I, too, had double consequences…….

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