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Getting Real: Understanding the ‘Gig Economy’

Watching CNBC and reading economist blogs like ZeroHedge render a certain perspective on the American economy – I’ve decided to give mine.

America is steadily evolving away from the democrat-favored, 8:30a-to-whatever, 40+ hour, single-job work-week to eith multiple 15-20 hour per week part-time jobs or the high-risk world of entrepreneurship.

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Why choose the ‘gig economy?’

Part-time jobs offer freedom, variety and empowerment.

Each gig job offers you the ability to decide schedule. While one might be 3a-8a and another 5p-9p with some holes for errands or chores,  a standard job is 8a-5p+ – or else.

What if you need some availability from 8a-9a to drop the kids at school or 2p-3p to walk the dogs? That flexibility is not offered in the traditional job market.

Another major reason to consider the part-time economy is that losing one job is not the same as losing your job. Losing one part-time job means replacing it with another while still having the other part or full-time job in-place.

Lastly, the gig-style of working gives you the best opportunity to learn new skills, broaden your base of experience and become a better employee.

Why did I choose a gig-style of life?

I didn’t, it chose me.

I went to a major university,garnered a high-income 7a-8p job and realized that my family missed me. I decided to get flexible. So I have decided to investigate the gig economy for the time being! This series relays my adventures in one of the ways to make ends meet in our current economy.

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