Being A Nice Guy Doesn’t Mean Being a Good President:Trump vs.Carson

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The left wing media is now rejoicing that Ben Carson is winning in three polls in Iowa over Trump. The people who vote are either low information voters or voting out of pure emotion or because they just don’t like Trump. Carson is a good man, but is very soft spoken and doesn’t carry a big stick and has no political or worldly experience whatsoever. Trump has called Carson “a low energy person even more low energy than Bush.” Sure Carson comes from a very impressive background life story, but Obama at least had six months experience as a senator before becoming president. About Carson, who’s been topping polls in Iowa and moving to the forefront nationally, Trump says “a lot of things will come out now and we’ll see how he holds up to the scrutiny.” Trump: No way Carson beats me – The Horn News

Ben Carson does not have the experience of creating 1000’s of jobs or negotiating with foreign countries as Trump does. And he doesn’t have the strong stance on illegal immigration as Trump does. In fact Carson isn’t strong anywhere in order to make a strong leader. We need someone with the courage and a very strong leadership personality to get our Country back on track. Carson DOES NOT have that. He is a NICE guy but you do know what they say about nice guys. Trump will get the job done because he truly cares. He isn’t going to be taking a salary or vacations on our dime. He truly cares about  We the People and our Constitution. Carson is just not knowledgeable enough to handle our foreign affairs. And THAT is most important. But he still just is not the STRONG leader we need. You may not like Trump but if you listen to all the underlying talk from him rather than just the boasting you will see a true leader. Trump deals with some of these world leaders on a daily basis since he builds in other countries. He creates budgets and meets them and sometimes ends with a surplus. He creates jobs for people.  Yet in spite of all this people are willing to go with Carson who has no experience in any of this just because he’s a nice guy or they don’t like Trump’s brashness. People criticize Trump saying he’ s not a true conservative. Carson has admitted that up until a few years ago he was a liberal until he read a book  about Reagan. Reagan was a democrat who switched parties also. He said “He didn’t leave the democrat party, the democrat party left him.”

Carson is a good man and a VP spot or surgeon general would be a great spot for him if willing. Some World leaders today like Putin and this Iranian leader Ali Khamenei are real bastards and you need someone brash like Trump to get in their  face and set them straight.  Say what you want about Trump , but he is a great patriot and loves America and its’ people unlike what we have in there now, a Muslim president who hates America and wants to see it destroyed and doing a good job of it

Carson and all the other candidates are too much into this “you be nice to them and they’ll be nice to you” bull crap. Well that doesn’t happen in today’s world. Just look at Europe now with their influx of Islamic migrants taking over the countries and demanding their ways or no way. With Islam it is either convert or die which is why Islam is incompatible with western civilization. Tourism is dead in Europe. Today it’s Europe, tomorrow America.

I agree with the following comment I recently saw.

The next fear is Obama bringing in over 100,000 “Syrian” and Somalia Muslims to our country! The Syrian is in quotes because in the flood of refugees into Europe they have found that only 1 in 5 are actually Syrians. They don’t know what the others are and they have no way of finding out. The FBI even admitted that.

Chaos  and horror coming next year in 2016 before Obama turns out the lights and leaves the White House.  He will have accomplished exactly what he intended to do from the beginning…..the destruction of America…

This is our last election to possibly turn things around.


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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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One Comment

  1. There are other candidates that have something to offer. However, since you limited it to just Trump and Carson, I’ll try to do the same.

    I totally agree that ‘nice’ isn’t necessary’….nor is ‘like’. We’re at a critical junction with roads to recovery and destruction. This election will reflect our choice.

    I agree that Carson isn’t a strong leader. He is brilliant in the operating room and hospital administration, a unique skill. He is also very analytical and weighs each decision, not one for quick decisions.

    Now Trump is the second act of Macahivellian currently played by Obama. It’s all about ‘me’ and ‘I’. He has already called the entire Congress ‘Stupid”…..possibly this means that you and I were stupid to elect them??? When my son was about 10 y.o. he called anyone that had a different opinion dumb…he out grew it….With all of his ‘tumpeting’ (pardon pun) he has not give a single detail to any of his ideas. He has altered his brash statements in an attempt to sate those offended. He has said plain and clear that he had paid for favors. Trumps demeanor indicates that he is likely quite insecure and by being loud and outrageous he thinks he cover it. A number of years ago I had the occasion to look into his background and frankly, I questioned some of his business practices then and I don’t find them suited to the Commander in Chief job….nor liked the idea of throwing some of his ‘associates’, employees under the bus as it suited him….Oh, one more personality trait….It appears he goes from one challenge to the next with frequency…ADD ??? How long before he tires of being C in C?

    Like brash? Your own Governor fits the bill…….Let’s look long and hard. Being an outsider is not a qualification anymore than being nice. We have a couple of other strong Conservatives that truly care and have the qualifications.

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