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Is A Urinal Gender Neutral?

Why are liberals so quick to criticize natural, normal, heterosexual identity when they are so easily offended by anyone who in turn criticizes them?  When anyone disagrees with liberals, their opponents are immediately branded as being haters, biased and prejudiced, but of course liberals themselves don’t hate, can never be called biased and are unable to experience prejudice.  The current liberal lunacy of gender neutrality is almost too vapid to be believed.  Of course there are differences between the sexes and the reason for these differences are attraction and continuation of the species.  Any line of animal that attracted only the same sex to itself would die out quickly.  The fact that homosexuals can adopt babies doesn’t make them real parents.  The child they love and adopt has come from two members of different sexes, not from two people of the same sex.  To celebrate the fact that homosexuals cannot reproduce is to celebrate nothing, and instead undermines the fundamentals of nature itself and places more stress on society to survive, as heterosexuals are ignored and insulted.

Most women enjoy being women and likewise most men enjoy being men.  They were born that way and equipped by nature for different roles in life, and to deny these differing roles threatens the existence of the species.  When the occasional man or woman dislikes the way nature made them and identify so greatly with the opposite sex that they want to become one of them, our current society allows that expression to be exerted outside their natural selves, but these desires are not the norm and rarely occur. So why should the larger society celebrate the rare occurrence of frustrated sexual identity just because liberals tell us to?

Now we see liberal attempts to make children uncomfortable with themselves as they were naturally created, by getting rid of gender identity in clothing colors and toy descriptions.  This represents just another liberal effort at the public level to disrupt people’s private lives, but it’s especially offensive when it’s children they target for conversion.  Each child is precious and each sex is important and serves a purpose in society, and children should be left alone to develop as nature intended, not as liberals dictate.  Children have enough pressure placed on them as they grow and try to become comfortable with their place in society without liberals placing additional stress on them and using them for political purposes.  In fact it would be nice if liberals would just leave all of us alone to live our own lives.

The laughing side of the matter is that even with 40 years of repeated sex similarity/neutrality efforts behind the liberals, girls still prefer playing with dolls and boys prefer guns and soldiers. So let the libs continue to believe they are controlling our lives with their idiot rhetoric, because nature will win out over leftist opinions every time.

One hopes the current push of liberals for gender neutrality in all things doesn’t result in their passing a law that requires the manufacturing of only pink urinals in the future, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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