Obama’s Policies Prove The Popular Definition Of Insanity

The popular urban definition of insanity is trying the same dumb thing over and over and expecting a different outcome each time.  Our Barry believes that raising taxes makes a more prosperous nation, even though our economy takes a negative hit with each increase in taxes that he imposes.  The ignorant Nancy Pelosi even believes that welfare recipients contribute more to the prosperity of the nation than working men and women buying the things they want and need and paying reasonable taxes as good citizens.  So Pelosi seeks more people to barely survive on welfare and become subservient to, and dependent on, big government, while the nation nose-dives to destruction.

Barry also believes that giving money to alternative energy companies that are unable to sell and make a profit from their products (Solyndra for example) will convince the nation to use wind and solar power and become less dependent on oil and coal as sources of energy, and he’s wasted tens of billions of dollars on these idiot ideas, which have all failed.

Some of Obama’s repetitive actions that only cause more pain and suffering for the nation are: repeated Quantitative Easings; repeated “investments in infrastructure”; spending more on education as the quality of education declines; repeated verbal attacks on Republicans who we know don’t deserve such attacks because they are too cowardly to have done anything that could possibly warrant a dressing down. All Republicans ever do is question or blandly and shyly oppose one of Obama’s destructive proposals and they are labeled as the enemy of all Americans.

The most recent insane thing Obama has done, in a long line of such insanities, is the Iran nuke deal.  We are daily learning of the lies Obama told to convince Americans of the desirability of his and Kerry’s great achievement but will instead assure that the Mullahs get a nuclear weapon:  There are no “anywhere, anytime” inspections agreed to; the United States is forbidden to make any inspections at all; the inspection waiting interval is 24 days, which means that inspections are a joke. And the largest joke of all is on Barack Insane Obama himself, who, in his own words admits that this nuclear agreement is a bad deal (remember he said a bad deal is better than no deal, and we know going in that a good deal was impossible with Obama and Kerry negotiating). So Obama, by his own admission, goes down in history as making a bad deal with Iran.  What a legacy!

But when one realizes that Obama’s repeated actions (more taxes, more spending, more criticism of the opposition, more negativism directed at the patriotic Americans who make this country prosperous and who pay the taxes that make Obama’s overspending possible) only hurt the nation instead of helping it, any thinking person would understand that Obama’s attacks are not intended to benefit the country, but are meant to cause the harm that they are actually causing.  Obama is evil in his intent on the destruction of America.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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