Liberals Hate Profits Yet Pander To Poor People For Their Votes. This Confused Contradiction Is Harmful To The Poor.

Recently, Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper stated that the EPA should not be blamed for the orange chemical spill they caused near Durango, Colorado, because they “don’t seek to make a profit” (profit-making is an evil concept to liberals). This statement was frightening to hear.  Would the good Governor be as forgiving to a profit-seeking mining company who caused a similar disaster?  The fact that a bloated, tax-payer supported, non-competing government agency would get more favorable treatment for an environmental disaster they caused than a company that has to compete with similar companies to remain alive, pay salaries and taxes (and abide by a vast number of government-imposed regulations) all of which are made possible from the profits that they are able to make in a capitalist enterprise, while at the same time this company can be fined and potentially financially destroyed by the same government agency that Hickenlooper will not place blame on, seems to be not only devious, but wrong and harmful to our entire society.

Can it be that liberals in government, who are big on welfare, cell phone giveaways, loan forgiveness and college tuition gifts, working in coordination with the liberal media, hate profit and love poor people for the same self-serving reasons?  After all, big government pretends to only be concerned with helping the down-trodden, but of course they can only help those unfortunates by taking money from the middleclass, corporations and the wealthy via taxes, fees or any one of several wealth-redistribution schemes they dream up (such as Obamacare for example).

The media like to report how noble poor people are and how evil rich corporations are, even though the companies the liberal reporters work for are themselves large corporations that must make a profit in order to pay their employees, and in fact some of the reporters make enough money to be considered “rich” themselves.

The class-consciousness of liberals and the negative slant they place on people who work, save, invest and achieve a level of success and wealth, is destructive to society and teaches our children the wrong lesson.  We currently have a record number of people on some kind of government assistance, and all the leftists (Hillary and Sanders come to mind) can think to do is demand higher taxes from the rich and insist that they pay their “fair share”.  Never would a liberal tell those on welfare to get their butts to work and earn a living, because if the poor are not kept dependent on government hand-outs, liberal politicians have no way to wrangle a vote from them in order to keep the grave train flowing.

Would it perhaps be more helpful to poor people if they were encouraged to get a job at a profitable company rather than take handouts from their neighbors via the government’s ability to tax, and could a company make more money and employ more formerly poor people, thereby lifting them out of poverty, if government weren’t constantly making such extravagant demands on them with ever-increasing regulations and taxes?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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