Liberal Democrats: America’s Real Robber Barons

Liberals like to refer to the Rockefellers, Goulds and Vanderbilts as “Robber Barons” because of the fortunes these families built and the power and leverage they possessed that allowed them to influence government/political decisions in order to defeat their business competitors. But the similarities between the so-called robber baron legend and today’s liberal Democrats are striking, whereas the differences between the two inform us as to which party to this debate hurts Americans and which party serves America’s needs as a nation.  To any sensible person it’s obvious that today’s Democrats, led by Barack Obama and the Clinton clan, are the party of destruction to America and its citizens.  These filthy politicians, aided by their chrony capitalist buddies, are the same people who were bought by the early industrialists and who often undermined the health and safety of their employees, much as Obamacare today undermines the healthcare and welfare of all Americans.

The people given the misleading title of Robber Baron were people who created wealth, gave us railroads, built highways and cities, refined and distributed oil and automobiles and employed tens of thousands of people as their businesses expanded, and their companies today still employ vast numbers of Americans, unlike Obama’s America which has an unprecedented unemployment and welfare population.

No politician, then or now, ever created a real job or created any wealth; they just make themselves rich by selling their influence at the expense of the citizens of America who vote them into office. Today’s liberal Democrats are robbing America of its wealth, its jobs and its citizens’ futures by using industry to concentrate power and influence into their own hands. And recently Obama has given Iran a free pass to develop a nuclear weapon via his idiotic agreement with the Mullahs, which is a threat to the national security of all Americans. Additionally, with Obama’s attempt to outlaw the coal industry he is denying American citizens and our corporations and small businesses cheap and plentiful electric power, he is thereby further choking the nation’s jobs and prosperity.

So Democrat politicians have gone from being corrupt enablers of great wealth in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries by way of influence-peddling, to being the enablers of joblessness today by issuing executive orders and EPA regulations that kill business and job creation.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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