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Dexter, ignorance of basic rights and the slide into serfdom

My son and I were binge-watching “Dexter” on Netflix the other night. In one episode, the police department set up random roadblocks to DNA test everyone that that came through to hopefully find suspects from old cases. They called it a DNA sweep. I was so proud when my son said “They can’t do that. The fourth amendment says so!”

I considered the question of how many Americans were aware enough of their rights to have rejected the DNA sweep on the basis of the fourth. I knew many might not understand their rights and would simply comply because it’s easier or because they think felt they had no choice. My concerns were magnified when I saw the shocking video from MRCTV showing Americans unable to state what the first amendment protects. The first… really??

They weren’t being asked about a lesser-known amendment like the 20th or 27th. This was the first amendment and one of the ten most important changes to the constitution which are embodied in the Bill of Rights. A fundamental set of rights intended to prevent oppression of the people by a tyrannical government.

Why were they so ignorant of their fundamental rights in the first place?

The majority of the blame is on parents…

Our progressive education system is partly to blame. The traditional focus on natural rights, common law and basic freedoms has been supplanted by social justice, fairness and equality of outcome which is transforming Americans into little more than cattle.

The majority of the blame is on parents. If the schools don’t teach something, Mom and Dad must pick up the slack. Unfortunately, today’s moms and dads went through the same education system and most are ill-prepared to teach the fundamental rights a free society is based upon.

free speech zoneUniversities and colleges are no better. They are but bastions of progressive thought led by people that have lived their entire adult lives in a system that focuses less on liberty and more on equality. Affirmative action, micro-aggression, safe areas, free speech zones.. really??

You may only speak freely when and where the authorities say

Why exactly does an institution of higher-learning need a designated zone for first amendment rights? Isn’t the entire nation a free speech zone?

Yes. So says the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Misunderstanding or ignorance of that right leads to oppressive constructs like free speech zones. You may only speak freely when and where the authorities say. Let that sink in.

The zones are allegedly to prevent students with objectionable views from forcing them on other students outside of the prescribed area. Activities like handing out copies of the Constitution have been relegated to such areas.

Ignorance of rights creates a citizenry more likely to submit..

What these areas actually do is create a learned behavior. Students are taught that a government entity will protect them from ideas that they may not agree with or understand. They need not listen to views that conflict with their own or ideas that are considered objectionable by the authorities.

Ignorance of rights creates a citizenry more likely to submit to a random DNA screening, car search, “courtesy” firearms inspection and more agreeable to keeping opinions to themselves unless in a government-prescribed zone. Through ignorance or apathy, this slow decline creates slaves from a free people – slaves without the ability to defend themselves from an increasingly tyrannical government.

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