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Will The U.S. Now Defend Iran Against Isreal?

  Obam prophet

When he was in Kenya and Ethiopia this past week-end Obama spoke before the leaders of Ethiopia and surrounding countries and accused republicans of accusing him of being a state sponsor of terrorism. Well Barack when you give 150 billion dollars to a country like Iran that shouts  “Death to America”  and who will give that money to groups like Hamas, Al Queada  and Boko Haram,  all organizations they support, what are  we supposed to think? Hmmmmm?

You also lifted the sanctions on Iran all at once instead of doing it gradually so we see if they can be trusted or not so what does it look like Barack? Whose side are you on anyway? You are turning our friends like Isreal into enemies and our enemies like Iran into friends. You and Kerry are either complicit or so naive that you actually think you can trust them. You also didn’t negotiate the release of the four hostages and should have made that a part of the negotiation beforehand. You also naively accepted their agreement to allow inspectors into their nuclear sites while they were shouting “Death to America” in the streets and now they say they will not allow inspectors in. You should know better than to trust terrorists so what are we to think other than you are a supporter of state sponsored terrorism? You also said 90% of the countries support this Iran deal. In your dreams maybe,but not in reality. Maybe your friends in terrorist   countries do.

National security experts and now a U.S. senator have pointed out that the written language in the agreement, under a section on “Nuclear Security,” seems to imply that the US.will help defend Iran, even from an attack from Israel. Maybe this is Obama’s plan all along in the further destruction of our country by forcing us to defend Iran a terror country against Isreal a free country that Obama hates. So the U.S. will help Iran fight…Israel?

The controversial section reads: Cooperation through training or workshops to strengthen Iran’s ability to protect against or respond to nuclear security threats, including sabotage.

Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, says such an agreement is similar to reports made last March that President Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli fighter jets if they attempted to attack Iran.

The Washington Times reported in a story last year that Obama made the threat when he learned that Israel was planning an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, which Israel claims  are  being used to produce a nuclear bomb.

Speaking about the U.S. working against Israel, Markell head of the messianic Jewish ministries makes one more observation about the U.S.-Iran deal: what’s happening now fits into biblical End Times prophecy, she warns.

Speaking of the end of times prophecy, I found an interesting link that discusses just that in a non religious and straight forward way that makes a lot of sense you can see for yourself by clicking the link here. It is by a theologian and archeologist named Nathan Shepard. Nathan Shepard is a bible scholar with a background in theology and archeology. He has spent more than 17 years studying the ancient scriptures and how the words of the prophets became historical fact over time. Now, his spine chilling theory links present times events to bible prophecies in a clear and concise way… and foretells a very sinister future for the US. He predicts January of 2017 as a time of great disaster and connects all the dots with biblical history and explains symbolism of what they meant in that day and what it means today to what is happening today and what  has been fortold then is and now coming true. This is different than most end of the world scenarios I’ve heard over the years and is much more believable and accurate. I report. You decide. .survivetheenddays.com/?hop=alalshell&utm_content_id=36312&utm_boost_id=7493&ut

Here are some interesting comments worth thinking about I recently saw.

Sharon Jeanguenat • 10 hours ago

Ms. Markell is exactly right about the End Times prophecy. We can’t stop prophecy from coming true, but, we CAN get close to God, & let Him protect us. Obama is determined to destroy the US AND Israel, by any method he can. He’s already destroyed our health care, our economy, & industry. Now he’s working on the physical destruction of both countries. I’ve said for the last 20 years, that, God IS going to punish us for our sins. He’s not going to overlook the murders of over 50 million unborn babies, nor is He going to overlook the homosexual agenda. He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for homosexuality, so He’s not going to let us just walk.

Snapcap  10 hours ago

This Obama administration, including State and Justice has been systematically promoting Islamic interests over US and other Democratic states for several years. This is nothing new, just more of the same.

 pokey5735  10 hours ago

Why should anyone be surprised? Obama always looks out for he best interest of every country other than the United States or Israel!! The result of worthless policies of this president.


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