Trump’s rise continues at a cost to many GOP candidates

Trumps poll numbers have ceased to amaze his supporters and dumbfound those that would prefer he go away.

Donald Trump didn’t just see a bump in the polls after his announcement. The Donald’s rise to the top of the GOP candidate poll numbers has been meteoric and has come at the cost to many favorites in the nomination race.

Analyzing Real Clear Politics average of political polls, Trump seems to be pulling support from Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Rick Perry and Lindsay Graham.

RCP poll 7-29-15


Jeb Bush’s numbers have suffered the most which has allowed Gov. Scott Walker to move within a point of the former front-runner while the rest of the pack seems stuck in the single-digits or worse.

The poll averages show that Trump has weathered his immigrant comments with no visible loss of support while those who were the most noticeably critical of him have seen their numbers drop.

Sen. Lindsay Graham has seen his abysmal last place 3 point number turn into an almost invisible .2% support after having a battle of words with Trump which ended with Graham releasing a video where he destroys his cell phone several times.

Ted Cruz took a different approach with Trump. Cruz chose to cozy up to the billionaire candidate and it appears to be working. Cruz has gained a full point over the past few weeks.

With the first republican primary debate coming next Thursday, Trump, Bush and Walker seem to have cemented their positions on the main stage. The remainder of the candidates in the middle of the pack are close and changing position daily.

Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, Lindsay Graham and Bobby Jindal are most-likely destined for the pre-debate “forum.”

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  1. Could it be that Trump, obnoxious as he is, is simply serving up a plate without garnish and dessert rather than covering it all up with parsley and sliced BS? At least Scott Walker has selected the high road and concentrates on plating ‘what he can do” rather than a litany of the other candidate’s hash.

    I rather wonder if Trump’s roar isn’t intended to ‘induce’ others to take action and blow some solutions out with all their hot air?????

    1. I think that’s most of it. Walker is running a well-thought out campaign and is doing very well because of it. Jeb is kinda’ mushy on everything and while it doesn’t push a huge segment away, it doesn’t create any excitement or loyalty either.

      Fiorina, so far, is just the anti-Hillary candidate and the rest are talking a lot but not saying much. There is still time for them all to focus their messages before the bulk of the voting public is paying attention, but they may want to get to it. Primaries/caucuses begin in February.

  2. A tree growing in an empty landscape doesn’t need to be much taller than a Bush to stand out of the crowd.

    Trump’s rise is really more about the utter lack of any persistent concise clarity on common sense household issues by the RINOsaur leadership for at least a decade. The GOP LOSERship’s best efforts quickly settle to the ground indistinguishable from piles of scat.

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