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Sr. Diplomats: Iran Nuke Deal Completed

kerryAn unnamed senior diplomat says that a landmark deal has been finalized between the P5+1 countries and Iran that will relax sanctions and monitor Iranian nuclear development.

Iranian  and international diplomats are expected to formally announce the deal later this morning in Vienna.

The deal allegedly contains relaxation of international sanctions in trade for U.N. IEAE inspectors being able to “press” for inspections of Iranian facilities. Reports say that access to sites for inspection can be delayed or possibly denied at Iranian discretion leading many to believe the delays will allow the terror-supporting nation to hide evidence of nuclear weapons research.

The deal is expected to be approved by the United Nations by the end of the month after which the details of implementation will emerge.

Years of negotiations concluded with a focused set of talks over the last three weeks with the United States’ Secretary of State John Kerry seeking to win a legacy deal for President Barack Obama.

Key sticking points that had held up the deal were Iran’s demands that inspections be “managed” instead of at will, that an existing arms embargo be lifted and that sanctions be lifted immediately instead of after Iran shows proof of willingness to comply. Until the deal is released, it is unknown which of these demands were accepted and which were left out of the final deal.

Iran has a history of cheating on nuclear inspection agreements. As recently as last month, reports surfaced that Iran had made illegal nuclear material purchases.

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  1. You can bet the farm that this deal will only be beneficial to China, Russia, and Iran. Obama and all the incompetents in his administration could not lead a thirsty horse to water much less negotiate a nuclear arms treaty that would be favorable to this country. If the truth be known, we probably gave them two or three nuclear bombs and the vehicles to launch them at us. There is little hope that our illustrious congress will do anything but make a little noise and then confirm the bad deal.

    1. Consider the farm bet. My understanding is that to kill this thing, a resolution to reject will have to pass both houses. Then the president has to sign it – that ain’t gonna’ happen. They currently don’t have the votes to over-ride his veto. Pressure from the grass roots would help, but I’m not sure 2/3rds of both houses can stand up to Obama for any real period of time. Obama capitulates to Iran knowing congress will capitulate to him.

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