Fox News to let all GOP candidates into debate – kinda..

Fox News announced today that it will be allowing all of the GOP presidential candidates into the August 6th Cleveland debate – but not everyone gets on to the main stage.

The debate is split into two parts – a 5pm under-card and the prime-time main event.

The prime-time debate has always been limited to the top 10 candidates in Fox News polling. The change applies only to the 5pm early debate.

Previously, Fox had stipulated that only candidates that garnered at least 1% of the vote would be allowed on the “also-ran” stage. Now, all of the candidates that fail to make it to the full event will have a spot in the under-card cage fight.

It’s hard to know where things will land next week, but the latest Real Clear Politics poll has the top 10 candidates as:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Jeb Bush
  3. Scott Walker
  4. Marco Rubio
  5. Mike Huckabee
  6. Ben Carson
  7. Ted Cruz
  8. Rand Paul
  9. Chris Christie
  10. John Kasich

Anything can happen in the next week, but for now, voters can ponder the thought of Donald Trump and Chris Christie going head-to-head.

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Rich Mitchell

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One Comment

  1. Here is why this is so terribly wrong: The Polls are distorted by the Biased folks doing them, the shoddy [if not devious] questions asked,and the pools of people being asked. They are intentionally twisted away from Conservatives by BOTH the Democrat “News” Media AND the RINO “News” Media, B/c neither wants a REAL God-Fearing Conservative in the WH. FOX shouldnt even be doing the Debates. It should be Conservative Organizations. And if thats not enough, this is after all these anti-Christian “Journalists” have done all they could to leave the BEST Candidates uncovered, or only cover enough of them to make them look stupid, like lunatics, Tyrants or madmen. There is ONLY ONE on the list of top ten [at this time] who is even worth including IMO. And that is Ted Cruz, who if he were covered as much as ANY of these others [Jeb, Hilary, McCain, Trump, Walker, Rubio, Christie, or Hucakbee] Ted would be at the top of the list. Similar things could be said of Jindal & Santorum. These three MUST be fully included for their integrity to stand. If you think you have to include Trump, or Jeb, OK, but they will only serve to show that these three are the BEST. I have looked at the records of all others [save Trump, Carson & Fiorina] and cannot trust them, PERIOD. AS for these three, I am impressed by their business success & appreciate that they would be economically sound, btu that is FAR from good enough. Carson has the benefit that part of his record of service is CLEARLY Pro-Life, but outside of that, there is little record of their actions in favor of the principles that produce Freedom Prosperity in society as a whole. What proof is there that they would be as faithful to Marriage, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Natural Law, The Rule of Law, as Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal & Rick Santorum have been.

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