For This Tipping Point We Can Thank The Left

We can thank the far left Obama administration and its enormously overreaching, arrogant, leftist policies for awakening the broader, more sensible population to the dangers of the left (cap and trade, open border immigration, single-payer healthcare, global warming lies and a run-amok EPA) and their anti-American, anti-capitalist policies.


Over the last 40 years Americans have become accustomed to the slow, incremental, leftist creep of our government as it has grown larger and more intrusive and as it has taken away more of our money and freedom, and although we have often squirmed and complained, we have not been sufficiently alarmed to take an active part in opposing this assault on us.  But the Obama administration, with its fell swoop power grab and unlawful and unconstitutional behavior, has awakened the sleeping giant and Americans are both enraged and active in their opposition to current proposed legislation and policy.


Now we are united to take back our nation and its economy for ourselves and our children.  We must keep the pressure on government and the new presidential candidates and not tire as we approach 2016.  The very future of our nation and our culture is at stake.


It’s been reported that Bill Clinton told members of Congress that the reason Republicans took control of Congress in 1994 was because the liberal attempt at healthcare takeover was unsuccessful and the voters punished Democrats for not getting single-payer coverage at that time.  Bill Clinton is only fooling himself if he believes the story he’s telling.  The truth is that Democrats were voted out of office in 1994 and in the most recent elections, because of their attempt to nationalize healthcare, and now with the passage of Obamacare, not because they were unsuccessful in doing so.  So another lesson is due the liberals in 2016 as we expel from congress the remaining people who would deny us the freedom and dignity of deciding our own health needs and protection, and install a president who will respect our laws and our constitution.


For those fools who refuse to learn the lessons of history, history will repeat itself, time after time.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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