Welcome To The Obama Caliphate

Obviously Obama assumes that the Republican-dominated legislative branch is just for show, and since the idiot Republicans in the House and the Senate have told him that they will not seriously oppose him with impeachment, our dear leader is assuming dictatorial powers pedal-to-the-metal, most recently with the National Labor Relations Board planning to override the states’ right-to-work laws, and HUD’s plan to destroy middle class neighborhoods by placing welfare housing projects in them.

Obama has already unconstitutionally taken control of healthcare and immigration, is now working hand-in-glove with Iran to get nuclear weapons into their hands, has taken control of the internet via the recent FCC vote to establish government control in that area, and he has expressed an interest is raising taxes on Americans independently of Congress (an act which would cause corporations to vacate America for foreign shores due to uncertainty as to whether Obama would next nationalize them completely, and an act which would cause even more unemployment due to uncertainty in the general economy, and uncertainty and chaos are  exactly what Obama wants to sow in America, thereby hastening his ability to exercise complete control via martial powers).  Obama has repeatedly demonstrated an affinity with Muslim extremists/murders around the world, so his moves can’t be seen as a surprise by anyone who has been paying attention.  When this evil man says he will “fundamentally transform America”, he by-God means it.

Welcome to the new Obama Caliphate.  Unless we can convince our dim-witted Republican legislators to seriously oppose this lying, evil administration, all we can do it sit back and enjoy the view as Obama and his criminal allies in the Middle East destroy our lives (and the lives of our children and our grandchildren) before our very eyes.

We must increase sanctions on Iran to destroy their economy and prevent their developing nuclear weapons, and Congress must impeach Obama, and do it NOW!!

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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