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Warzone Baltimore: What Happens When Troops Start Arresting People at Curfew?

PurgeThe day brought about much needed sanity after last night’s violent, nonsensical events. Now what will happen as local police, state police and National Guard troops sweep the streets to find curfew violators.

As darkness fell, agitators in the crowd became increasingly aggressive. Fox News’ Leland Vittert was trying to get someone to tell him why he was angry and his response was “I’m not angry at all, but I angry ’bout the police violence (sic).”

Several others near him started shouting down the man talking to Vittert and got so aggressive as to get Leland to retreat to safety.

Vittert said that aggressiveness towards the media was “interesting.”

Police lines are thicker and closer to crowds as the mayor has said that violence and destruction will not be accepted.

One woman found the police line intimidating because it “prevents people from moving through their neighborhoods.”

One can only imagine how intimidating it will be once military troops and police in riot gear start arresting people for violating curfew.

  • 9:53 local: Protesters throwing rocks and bottles – one police officer injured
  • 10:38 Two protesters pulled back through police lines and arrested
  • Crowd dispurses (home or elsewhere is not known)

At this time, the heavy police and military presence seems to have worked better than the Baltimore mayor’s failed “stand back” policy that resulted in 15 hurt officers, 250 arrests and many burned buildings.


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