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Florida Sheriff Says He Will ‘Deputize’ All ‘Lawful Gun Owners’ If Protesters Get Too Violent

Clay County Florida Sheriff Darryl Daniels warned protesters in a video Tuesday he will “deputize” all “lawful gun owners” if protesters become too violent. The video posted on YouTube Tuesday depicts Daniels standing in front of deputies while he told protesters they are wrong to think the sheriff and deputies will surrender if “lawless” demonstrators “threaten to come to Clay County.” ...

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Congressman Attacks ‘Peaceful Protest’ Narrative: Like Describing ‘Al Capone As A Mostly Law-Abiding Businessman’

A Republican congressman recently said describing recent protests as mostly peaceful is like calling notorious gangster Al Capone a law-abiding businessman. “To describe what happened in Washington D.C. as mostly peaceful protests, I think, is a lot like describing Scott Peterson as a mostly faithful husband, or Al Capone as a mostly law-abiding businessman,” said California Republican Rep. Tom McClintock ...

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Billion-Dollar Investment Firm Flees Seattle Citing Civil Unrest

A Seattle-based investment firm announced Monday that it will leave the city because of civil unrest and move south, taking billions with it. Smead Capital Management President and CEO Cole Smead, told KSTAR NEWS, that “the unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle… there really is not a downtown community today.” Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, formerly ...

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Philadelphia woman charged with arson during protests

PHILADELPHIA – On June 17, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania announced that a Philadelphia woman was charged by criminal complaint for the arson of two Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) vehicles, following an investigation by the FBI, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and ...

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Minnesota Democrats Want $300 million Riot Rehab Scheme – Hell No!

Minnesotans, the country, and the world watched shocked as over 1500 buildings and businesses were damaged or destroyed in Minneapolis from days of rioting that broke out following the death of George Floyd. Now the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) who control the Minnesota House, in emergency special session, demand passage of a $300 million economic aid package to rebuild the charred ...

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‘Don’t Mess With The Alamo,’ Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush Warns Protesters

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush on Saturday. warned protesters not to “mess with the Alamo,” as vandals have targeted other historical sites around the country. Bush said his office is monitoring “social media posts and rumors from protesters who are threatening to come to The Alamo” and said law enforcement stands ready to protect the historical site, which is ...

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Dem Candidate On Looting: ‘So What? Burn It To The Ground If That’s What It Takes’

A Democratic congressional candidate downplayed looting and arson during a digital campaign event on Tuesday. Responding to a questioner who expressed her concern about the left-wing push to abolish the police, Texas Democratic candidate Kim Olson argued that police departments are overfunded, before pivoting to downplaying looting and arson. Olson took issue with what she said were snipers on city ...

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Federal Charges For Rioters Include Impersonating A Cop, Possession Of An Improvised Weapon, Arson

The Department of Justice released a host of federal charges that included offenses ranging from impersonating a police officer to wielding an improvised firearm during nationwide protesting and rioting over George Floyd’s death. A Milwaukee man allegedly aimed a laser pointer at an FBI aircraft, another in North Carolina was suspected of threatening to shoot law enforcement with an improvised ...

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Protesters Chant ‘F*** That Statue’ After They Tear Down Jefferson Davis Statue

Protesters toppled a statue of Jefferson Davis in Richmond, Virginia, Wednesday night as part of ongoing nationwide demonstrations against racial inequality and police brutality. A crowd gathered, singing and chanting, to watch as the toppled statue was taken away by Richmond police, according to NBC12. The crowd is heard chanting “f*** that statue” as police placed the Davis statue on ...

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Never a Cop Around When You Need One

It’s been a tough year for keepers of the peace. First you had the “heavily–armed” 2nd Amendment supporters in Richmond, VA. The Associated Press warned it was going to be a “show of force.” That looming threat forced Virginia Gov. Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam to declare a State of Emergency, ban weapons from the capitol grounds and mobilize the state police. ...

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Protesters Topple, Behead Christopher Columbus Statues In Richmond And Boston

Protesters attacked Christopher Columbus statues in Richmond, Virginia and Boston Tuesday night. The Columbus statue in Richmond’s Byrd Park was toppled, set on fire, and thrown into a nearby lake, ABC affiliate WRIC News reported. The Boston statue, located in Christopher Columbus Park, was discovered decapitated Wednesday morning, according to Boston 25 News. The Richmond statue is seen ablaze after ...

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NJ Gov ‘Can’t Imagine’ Telling Protesters To Stay Home During Coronavirus

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said he “can’t imagine” telling protestors to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic during a press conference Monday, Politico reported. The governor, who along with other leaders have warned residents to avoid large gatherings to slow the spread of COVID-19, said he could not advise protestors to “ignore systemic racism” and stay in their ...

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Man Charged With Killing David Dorn Previously Convicted For A Felony. He Didn’t Serve A Single Day

The man who allegedly killed former St. Louis Police captain David Dorn was convicted of a felony, but he never served a single day behind bars, court records show. 24-year-old Stephan Cannon was supposed to be locked up for seven years following a 2014 robbery conviction, instead he received a suspended execution of sentence and was let loose. The felon ...

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‘People Are Just F***ing Lawless Right Now’: Chicago Aldermen Got Heated In Call With Chicago Mayor During Protests

Aldermen begged, cried and cursed at Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot over the city’s response to protests during a heated conference call June, according to a recording obtained by WTTW News. Lightfoot received criticism from members of Chicago City Council’s Black Caucus who accused her during a June 1 conference call of deploying 375 members of the Illinois National Guard to block off ...

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