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GOP: We ‘Strenuously Object’ to Obama’s Executive Action on Global Warming

As the Obama administration goes forth with its executive actions to implement unaffordable and likely ineffective regulations on carbon emissions, Republican leaders object, no, they “strenuously object.”

Republicans, led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), today issued their firm objection to Obama’s implementation of economy-changing climate rules. McConnell and other GOP leaders told other nations to “proceed with caution” in making agreements based on President Obama’s actions as they may all be undone by a future administration or judicial actions.

Obama has announced his plan to have the EPA issue strict rules on power plants and vehicles that promise to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 28% over the next 10 years.

Global warming sympathizers in the U.S. don’t believe that Obama’s unilateral actions can be easily undone. “The Clean Air Act has proven to be quite durable.” said David Waskow, director of international initiatives for the World Resources Institute. “While elements may be slowed or modified by legal challenges, they are rarely overturned.”

The Republican warning may make other nations a bit nervous about coming to the table, but will not halt the enormous regulations that the White House intends to enact. By the time a new President is elected, power generators and automobile manufacturers will likely have already undertaken multi-billion dollar projects to meet the regulatory demands. The costs will already be in and undoing the regulations will be largely symbolic, if they happen at all.

Toyota_Prius_CUltimately, companies don’t actually pay for anything. Customers do. It will become much more expensive to produce electricity – ergo, electricity will cost much more to consume and cars meeting the 54+ mpg regulation will cost much more and likely be mainly hybrid/electric in nature. Automobile prices will be unaffordable for most Americans and the vehicles will be likely be little more than hatchbacks with an extension cord (Prius, Volt, etc.)

While the Republicans make their public objections on everything from immigration to Obamacare, executive overreach to energy regulations – their inaction and inability to reverse White House actions speaks louder. But this time, your honor, they “strenuously object.”

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. The solution to ‘regulation withou representation’ is simple —

    No regulation or executive order can take effect without positive majority vote of both houses of Congress. If such a vote fails, any regulation and executive order can not be implemented.

    Such regulation and order votes shall be strict narrow single issue votes and not subject to pork and other crony add-ons. It also possible for Congress to pass such orders and regulations with a sunset clause. If amendments are added this becomes a new legislation… If it fails to pass, the regulations and orders go away.

  2. Once upon a time, with the haughty arrogance mistakenly entered what he believed to be the “The Throne Room”, by the time he realized there was no flush handle and it was the Oval Office of a mere President….it was too late. The view was nice and he was loaded with, among other things, power beyond his belief. His ‘condition’ made him feel particularly generous, so he called forth some of his most trusted disciples, giving them each an entire department to head and run with almost boundless authority…Once relieved of these tedious duties, he headed to the golf course, never again having to contend with the inconvenience of leading the country…….

    This all seems like it should be a fairy tale…but those have happy endings…..Objecting or strongly objecting isn’t going to change a single solitary thing. Only objections WITH planned action will influence change. We elected our representation and that means that ‘we,too’ must actively participate.

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