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Economy faltering, but, but but… the stock market!

While economic news from March finally reflects the economy most Americans are living in, news stories are still painting a brighter future .. cuz… the stock market.

Sure, stocks are expected to continue their meteoric rise and those that can live off of their stock portfolio, congratulations. The rest of Americans have no stocks or have stock market gains locked in 401Ks, IRAs or other places that would cost them all of their gains if they took them out now.

Liquidity from easy money is inflating the stock market and will continue to for some time. While traders will do well during near zero interest periods, the rest of America either doesn’t notice or is suffering.

Retired folks aren’t trading (well, average retired folks.) They’re money is sitting in low-risk, and currently low yielding bond or bond-like investments.

The young aren’t investing at all.

The 30-50 year olds are locked in those 401k, IRAs and such mentioned earlier.

None of those groups can live off of that today.

Most Americans are reliant on a thriving baseline economy. One that has companies manufacturing, selling and hiring. America doesn’t have that economy.

Q1 GDP dropped 2.9%, March jobs missed estimates badly, housing starts and sales are sluggish and the American consumer seems to have just… checked out.

But hey – the stock market is rockin’ so everything’s alright.. right?


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Rich Mitchell

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  1. That old saying “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” make a pretty suitable mantra today. Perhaps some aspiring author will write a book “Corruption and Greed Without Consequence”. This way we can all participate in the stock market game. It seems a trifle contradictory to look down on the average Joe that goes to Vegas and gambles away cash ‘he earned’ while tagging him as an ‘excessive gambler’ while lauding the ‘investor’ on Wall Street that manages to break even….

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