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Restoring My Faith In America

It seems very easy to get discouraged in what goes on in America today, sometimes it feels like America is lost and will never make a comeback. We have a president who seems like he is more interested in condemning America than he does praising America. An incompetent president, who only hears about important issues when he reads the newspaper or watches TV.

We see college professors along with students wanting to ban the American flag because they say it is a symbol of racism instead of the symbol of the greatest country the world has seen. We see illegal immigrants receiving more benefits than our citizens; the truth is a thing of the past because political correctness has taken its place. We have a federal government that has grown so big that it now forces every American to buy a product, (Obama-Care) it has imposed so many rule and regulations that the economy is being choked to death. It tells us what we should eat, how much we should weigh and what we should drink. Sometimes it is down right discouraging.

But through the darkness, I have seen a ray of hope. On a recent trip to have my car serviced, I struck up a conversation with a couple waiting for their car; they are what America is all about. They had seven children ages 3 months to 10 years, we joked about having a big family because they were Irish Catholics. She grew-up on naval bases with her 10 brothers and sisters; her father was a naval officer.

He grew-up on a farm with 12 brothers and sisters and served 10 years in the service as a pilot. He works in the air conditioning business, while she stays home and raises the kids. They also have a little garden where they grow their own vegetables, while he and his brother own some live stock which supplies them with most of the meat the family needs. With the traditional family under attack, they were a breath of fresh air. I walked away thinking, “God bless people like that.”

I started thinking how many in the country today would ridicule them for their lifestyle, a lifestyle that used to be the kind that was America. I started thinking, why do the idiots, the un-American thinking people get all the publicity while people like them go un-noticed, after all, they are the people that are the backbone of America, not those idiots you think it is fashionable to put America down.

I walked away feeling a little better about America, I think everyone should have a conversation with people like the ones I talked with, it would restore the feeling of what America is about, I know it did for me.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. Chris once more you are completely correct in your assessment of the real America. America is not the faux representation that is depicted across every newsroom floor in the world, not only in America. They say don’t shoot the messenger but in most every case the news acts as someone’s messenger. But I am not into shooting anyone God knows I did enough of that in my war years ago. Like most true Americans today I just want the real truth and not something that looks like a rerun every morning of A Night at The Museum where a fantasy of good and evil comes to life. Chris your “by chance” meeting IS the real America and many Americans feel just as you do, the truth about who we rally are.

    They propagate fear as a tool in the media. The media tells Americans Isis is spread around the world with forty thousand combatants and growing by the day. Well people say that must be big because Wow 40,000 sounds like a lot. Well in one single battle in the Civil War at Gettysburg the south put an army of 70,000 men against the Army of the Potomac. In the end there was a combined total of 51,000 casualties in that war changing battle. Good prevailed on that battlefield for all the world as was intended for the end of that three day battle, America survived another test with many to follow. That is our world today Chris, but I find like you that good for some reason remains silent until it has had enough. Then, and only then, it rises to correct the problem and false silent once more. Don’t know why but it does.

    So how can Isis wage war against the world in a supposed jihad and also spread their members to every corner of the free world? Not to well unless they enlist the help of our courageous media. They take the baton from Washington’s example like the cowards they are to twist the truth in the lies of their message that they pass to you and I. Why? Because they can!

    Chris your America is our America and it is very real and very solid, filled with hard working normal liberty loving Americans. Obama and his minions have an agenda and the media helps them in any way they can. but their spoken words are a false picture, far from the truth in every way possible. But many Americans’ are naïve to this reporting, and that is not a slap against them it is simply how it is. They are loyal just as you and I are but they are trying hard to keep themselves afloat that they find it hard to see anything much less the truth.

    I believe in every light of my existence that no army of minions will ever destroy what God wanted to thrive on this planet for the benefit of human decency, liberty and freedom. We are an example for good but our lessons are the maintenance we must perform in order to realize what it is we have and how quick we can loose it if we don’t wake up to the evil on our planet. Israel seems to have awakened last night and this morning the media and our faux president is mulling their next move. They were wrong Chris, you were right!

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