Obama’s Last Two Years Will Be The Most Dangerous

If you think king Obama has been a tyrant for the past six years, wait until you see his last two years in office. Obama has tried and tried to push his big government agenda on the American people, thankfully the Supreme Court has slapped him down 13 times, but that doesn’t stop him. We can expect more executive actions and even more boldness from Obama trying to do everything he can to harm this country.

If you need proof of what a danger this president is, on Wednesday the 14th in the dead of night, the Department of Defense announced that five Yemeni terror suspects held at Guantanamo Bay have been released. But despite concerns from lawmakers about the risks of sending anybody back to Yemen, four were released to Oman which is right next door. With the world just coming off the terror attack in France and the up tick in terror threats, not to mention all the be-headings, Obama releases enemy combatants back into the fight and rest assured, they will be taking up arms against America.

Is there any common sense to releasing the enemy back into the battle field? Obama has pushed to close the detention facility since his inauguration in 2009 and you can bet he will try to make it happen before he leaves office, no matter how many killers he gives back to the enemy. Now is not the time to be emptying Guantanamo, especially if you are putting these terrorists back into the fight.

Sometimes you have to wonder whose side is Obama really on; his pledge to close Gitmo overrides the safety of the American people. He is bending over backwards to close a nuclear deal with Iran, he wants it to be part of his legacy, but letting Iran build a nuclear weapon makes the world less safe. He has drawn red line after red line and has let our enemies slap him in the face by disregarding what he says. He even refuses to admit that there is a war on terror, calling some terror attacks, “Work place violence.”

Obama has over burdened this country with regulations that has prevented the economy from growing, 64% of Americans still feel like we are in a recession. Federal agencies issued 3,659 final rules in 2013, and some 3,415 regulations for 2014, funny how he releases them late on a Friday or right before a major holiday. What about executive orders, he says he has issued less than the previous president, but Obama has issued 195 executive orders. Published alongside them in the Federal Register are 198 presidential memoranda, all of which carry the same legal force as executive orders. The president reportedly vowed Thursday to press ahead with more executive actions, despite a veritable uprising from congressional Republicans over that strategy. Where is the most transparent president we were promised.

Those who still support this president are living life with their heads in the sand; the harm this president has done will take many years to undo. But what scares me most is the next two years. The president, who already has issued a string of veto threats in the opening days of the 114th Congress, indicated he’s prepared to keep opposing legislation he finds objectionable. This is from a man who said he is willing to work with anyone to pass legislation, yea, and Obama-Care is going to lower costs, give me a break.

A national poll finds that majorities of American voters think the Obama administration has mostly failed at handling illegal immigration, improving the country’s image around the world, handling race relations, improving health care and growing the economy. Watch out for the next two years, because Obama has nothing to lose, but the American people do.

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  1. Spending the next two years with this man wrapped in Machiavellin cloth is scarier than living next door to Harry Krugar on a dark Halloween night. He has shown over and over everything is all about him and to hell with anyone else. We can expect that if it’s evil or anti American he is capable of doing it…. and may well… The repeated acts of destruction are “not”accidents.

    Although many, many Americans are standing together and doing whatever they can to mount a strong defense….many are not. Those that are not are simply too busy whining and complaining to help get this Constitutional Freedom train back on track. I wager that half of those that sit on the sidelines wringing their hands have not sent a single email to their elected representatives to encourage or inform them of what’s expected/needed. If these whine and brie type will join forces ….we have a shot at success…..even with martial law.

    The ‘Book’ that is the foundation of our blessed nation promises that if enough stand strong together in faith & prayer, they will be heard…..WE CAN DO THIS !!! We MUST do this. No one is promising easy or quick, There will be more ‘battles’ to win or lose, we must prepare to win the war.

  2. Under this president we will have witness an unprecedented transformation of a people who have struggled for a deserved equality, reached it and allowed it slip back into an abyss far beyond their grasp because they believed in a lie. Martin Luther King had a dream that one day his children would live in a nation where they would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

    Barrack Hussein Obama was elected as our first Black President and in six years turned the character of the American people into a stand on color and on a false lie of inequality. All of humanity are equal in the eyes of God just as all Americans are equal both in the eyes of God and in the intent of our rights as written into our Constitution. This President, who himself is without character dismissed the message of Mr. King along with the courage, conviction and struggle that countless black American leaders fought and sacrificed for since the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation. For his service to America as our President his legacy will serve as a doctrine of disgrace relegated to just another stain of mans cruelty to man kind. He has stolen the breath of a time that shouted for greatness and was left with only despair and fear in an unknown future.

    Americans of color who conquered countless obstacles to achieve the greatness they deserved have sacrificed their true character of self to be their only definition in the eyes of this President, the Black tool of his agenda. None are as blind as those who will not see. Helen Keller was blind, deaf, and with out the ability of speech. But she was filled with something so profound that this President will never possess or even understand with regard toward the meaning. The one thing that Martin Luther King wanted for people of color to be judged in, the honest virtue of their human Character.

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