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3 Good Reasons To Vote On Tuesday

There is no doubt in my mind that there are people out there that will sit home on Tuesday instead of going out and voting, these are the same people I blame for giving Obama a second term. You know who you are, the ones that refuse to vote for a candidate because they do not agree 100% with what you believe.

With the Senate in our grasp and many tight races every vote counts, if you are not going to vote for someone, than go out and vote against someone. Reagan once said, if he can get 60% of what he wanted in negotiating with Democrats, he considers himself a winner, if it is good enough for Reagan, it should be good enough for you.

I have provided 3 good reasons for going out and voting on Tuesday, I hope they motivate you to get off your ass and head to the voting booth.







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  1. Chris Americans have the right and the need to vote to protect our liberty and our freedom. Voting is maintenance on behalf of our constitutional rights. We need to protect our nations future from the agenda driven scoundrels who will rob us of our God given rights. The three reasons you presented are not stupid people, just three with a barely human heart and a dark moral complexion that is severely lacking in any sort of virtue. Simply stated they are equivalent to bats who are at their best in the darkness and dwell in caves. Voting is our only cure.

      1. Yep, Chris, it does an injustice to bats….they know where they’re going….

        I hope all will remember that this is a numbers game and like it or not, the party that gets the most to the polls will dictate our future….or lack of one….Frankly, I don’t give a rats ass if some have to hold their nose…do the math..VOTE FOR AMERICA’S TEAM…their is no ” I” in team.

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