“You throw like a girl”…..gotta love the “Great Hambino”!!

I am a woman who “throws like a girl” that’s just my reality! What’s all the fuss about?

Growing up, I loved playing baseball in the street with the neighborhood kids; boys/girls we just played ball. We talked “trash” back and forth. It was part of the game. Guess you could say I was a “tomboy”. Can I still say “tomboy” without sending someone to the PC police?  I could run fast, hit sometimes, catch the ball sometimes but never could I throw well. I skinned my knees attempting to steal home – and would then proudly accompany my dad to the Oakland A’s baseball games. Those were treasured memories!

I’ve always had poor hand/eye coordination but I really didn’t and don’t care. I had fun and did my best – that’s what my dad taught me to do. I knew what I did well and what I wasn’t so good at and I moved on from there. I don’t care if you are male or female – if you can throw “heat” – more power to you. But if you can’t and someone pokes fun or talks “trash” then you have choices: throw some “trash” back or ignore it and move on.

God gave both genders a brain – use it to respond effectively.

Apparently there is a new ad campaign out now suggesting it’s offensive to say, “throwing like a girl” claiming the remark does harm to a young girl’s self- esteem. Really? Are there scores of young girls in America voicing this as a concern?  I would think what should be more of a concern is why we as a society are not encouraging girls to think for themselves? If the politically-correct crowd in our culture seeks to be effective, they might consider the harm their misguided dictates are having on the course of events and do something constructive with their time.

It is a mystery to me why their inane precepts are tolerated by an independent, free-thinking society.

The politically correct crowd quite honestly needs to get out of the way and let parents encourage self-expression and confidence. If someone talks “trash” parents can teach their kids, as mine did, to either throw it away; which is what you do with trash; or if you pick it up and try to eat it, be prepared to deal with the consequences. I’m sure many parents around the country are doing this but the politically correct crowd likes to use “guilt” at every turn.

Who started the “war on women” anyway? The first time I heard the term “glass ceiling” was in the 70’s…must have been shortly after the Roe v. Wade decision.  I think this decision was one of the firsts in a long line of bad decisions to emasculate this culture.  A hot topic for another time.

If you feel a metaphorical “glass-ceiling” around you – break through it – but please stop complaining of its existence. This trumped up war on women is an insult to my intelligence and I reject it.

It’s insidious and just plain silly.

Denying anyone, male or female, an opportunity to think of appropriate, effective and thoughtful responses in any circumstance is not what a free society should embrace. Furthermore, attempting to create an environment of guilt could be as concerning for a society as the attempt to correct a perceived “wrong”.

Why is it when a woman says, “he’s a man what do you expect?” that there’s no outrage. I think that statement is highly offensive to men.  Not all men are the same in all the decisions they make and yet when men do or say something that a woman finds offensive she can throw that gauntlet down with no fear of reprisal.  Furthermore, that comment is usually thrown behind his back.

Talk about offensive.

What happened to our society that we can no longer poke fun, poke it back and get over ourselves?

I’ve heard politicians on both sides of the aisle touting the notion that we need a woman in the White House. Well, if she is qualified for the job as our Commander-in-Chief then fine but if we are electing her just because of her gender then shame on us.  That’s as bad as electing someone just because of the color of their skin – does that make any sense?  Qualifications matter!

This statement holds true with anything – politics, sports, jobs, whatever. If a woman or man is qualified to do anything then great but if not then neither gender nor political party should resort to a tactic of “self-pity” to engender feelings of guilt in order to stifle free speech.

If a young woman can’t respond effectively to words that come her way, without having to recite from an “approved list” of responses then society has failed her in challenging her to think for herself. If an ad campaign has at its core the sole purpose of making people feel guilty for free speech then we are in more trouble than I imagine.

By the way, “The Sandlot” is one of my favorite movies, especially the line offered by the “Great Hambino” …”you throw like a girl”…..makes me laugh every time!

C’mon people – Man up!!!


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Carolyn Snelling

Carolyn, her husband Bob and dog Pookie - call Arizona; home. She has authored several Christian books. She graduated with a B.S. from the University of San Francisco and summa cum laude from St. Mary's College with a M.S. in Organizational Psychology.

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One Comment

  1. Bravo ! Carolyn, Bravo…..I, too, “throw like a girl”. So guess it’s a good thing I am one! This ‘need’ to find a label or niche for everything is, to me, an attempt to distract from one’s own weaknesses. I was in my twenties when I first learned of the ‘glass ceiling’, but, I never could see it and paid more attention to what I’d wear to work the next day.

    This “war on women” is an excuse or a cover up from those that have little or nothing to offer, yet desperately want to be seen as heroes…How pathetic is that? …Almost as pathetic as the ones that ‘buy’ into it as an excuse not to succeed.

    Your approach and logical thinking could seemingly be applied to other ‘ploys’ used to court and gain favor from other groups.

    I love having my car door opened and ‘going first.’ So to the women that don’t take personal responsibility for their destiny, I say..”Man Up!”

    Thanks, Lady.

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