Obama: A Dysfunctional Leader

If you thought really hard, do you think you could come up with anyone who truly believes that Obama is a competent leader? Well, I sat down and decided to give it some thought, I immediately scratched off all the leaders of all the countries of the world, because there is not one who believes Obama is capable of handling any situation, except playing golf of course. I believe all these leaders only talk and listen to Obama just to show politeness, but as far as trusting him to do anything that resembles being presidential, I believe after they hang-up the phone, they just shake their heads and laugh.

O.K. that takes care of the rest of the world, but what about right here in the good old USA, is there anyone who believes that Obama is competent at anything, except playing golf of course. His own party has turned on him, Bill Clinton who once championed for Obama has supposedly said, “I hate that man Obama more than any man I’ve ever met, more than any man who ever lived.” Of course there is Hillary who once worked for Obama, she supposedly said, “You can’t trust the motherf***er,” and “Obama has turned into a joke.” Why didn’t they listen to the Republicans in the beginning?

Democratic leaders and candidates are shifting away from Obama one by one because they see that he is a failed president, except when it comes to golf that is. Even Obama’s once beloved Progressive wing of the party have been giving him the heev-ho and have been throwing their support to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Another once big supporter of Obama, the teachers union has soured, NEA president Dennis Van Roekel has said, “Our members are frustrated and angry.”

In West Virginia, a fed-up Democratic state senator Evan Jenkins has changed parties because he says he is done with President Obama’s vision for America. West Virginia is under attack from President Obama and a Democratic Party that our parents and grandparents would not recognize.” In the state of Alabama, something like thirteen to fourteen elected Democrats have switched parties since 2010 because of their disillusionment in Obama. His approval is down in every poll taken on any category, from domestic to foreign policy, there is no confidence in this president at all, except in playing golf of course.

Like the father of a dysfunctional family, who has no clue what is going on, Obama appears to be a dysfunctional leader who has no clue what is going on around him. He got into office by deceit, bullying, character assassination and just plain bullshitting to the American people and pretty much everyone is turning against him, which happens to be great for the Republican Party.

I read this in an on-line publication from an anonymous Democratic House member: Talented guy but no leader,” “If he could govern half as well as he campaigns, he’d be a good-to-great president.” He has said what the rest of the world also knows, this man never should have been president, and the Democratic Party should be ashamed of itself for what it has done to our country.

So, to the question I first asked, do you think you could come up with anyone who truly believes that Obama is a competent leader? Believe it or not I have come up with one, Obama himself, and that’s the sad part, because he actually thinks he is doing a good job, but it is the rest of the world that just does not understand. Oh, and as far as his golf game, I heard it ain’t that good either.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. OK, I get the ‘dysfunctional’ aspect, the leadership part is a puzzlement. We know that children of dysfunctional families still need acceptance and nourishment (where ever it is) His gravitation toward the socialistic teachings is understandable, but the courses in ‘leadership’….much like his policies. were non-existent.
    While very disappointing and troubling, his re-election was driven by voters and candidates that have chosen to fly the GOP flag until they have their own. The Conservative, The Libertarian, The ‘Establishment’ and even the Tea Party seem to forget that they were ALL AMERICANS FIRST. They took their bruised egos home and did not participate in one of our greatest freedoms. Which of the ‘other candidate’ that the majority did not want rallied around the ‘Candidate of Choice’. NONE….

    I want a candidate to tell me WHAT they CAN do and HOW they plan to do it. I already know the horrors. I have no respect for the ego that relies on others misdeeds to promote themselves. Wishing or wanting is NOT a plan. Nor is a line of caca de toro. I will do some ‘vetting’ of my own and not ‘go along, just because others want me to.

    If all of the ‘fractions’ that have an (R) beside their name don’t want to say “Madam President” we need a solid plan to serve as a road map or guide to follow and bring others along.

    Like Rich Mitchell, this is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the views of anyone else.

    In Prayer for OUR Nation

    1. Jan I’m 62 years old, I have never seen this country in such dysfunction. Prayers and votes are way back to sanity.

  2. I have more than a decade on you and this is the first time I’ve had to eat, sleep and breathe in a maze of confusion and indecision. And let’s include, selfishness. I guess we really were asleep at the wheel.

  3. Osama Obomo is on the fast track to turning this country into another 3rd world cesspool. We only have 2 years left to make sure he doesn’t. Lets get to work.

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