Survey Says 39% Of Americans Are Morons

By now, everyone has heard about Obama’s dismal approval ratings. There is a surprise in the poll showing Obama with a mere 39 percent approval rating, against 54 percent disapproval, the surprise is that 39 percent still think he’s doing a good job. One would think that with 20 percent of the country admitting to being Liberals, I would think that his approval rating would be at 20 percent, unless 19 percent are embarrassed to admit they are Liberals. Well, I can’t blame them for that.

So I guess it is no surprise that 100% of the people who were surveyed, said that those 39% have to be morons. I have to agree with that survey, after all his highness in chief has played 81 rounds of golf and had attended 75 political fund-raisers in the 628 days since his 2012 re-election. On July 17, the day Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down by Russia-backed separatists, Obama attended two fund-raisers in Manhattan, with little mention of the incident, and golfed three days later. Who can forget after the Benghazi attacks, how he hopped on Air Force One and headed to Las Vegas for another fund-raiser.

There is one bright spot to all this, the less time he spends in the White House signing executive orders or passing job killing and economy hurting regulations, the better off America will be. In another survey just out, shows people are having regrets about voting for Obama. If the election were held today, 54% would vote for Mitt Romney, while only 44% would vote for Obama, why didn’t those people listen in 2012?

Nevertheless, Obama does not seem to give a crap, even with the surge of illegal’s coming over the border, he seems oblivious to what is going on. As the Obama scandals mount, Americans are starting to wise up, but it is too late, Obama has already done his damage. Well, he told America that he wanted “transform America” now we are going to have to spend the next decade trying to undo what Obama has done. I never truly understood the meaning of leadership, until I’ve seen America without it.

I’ve been asked if that survey that says 39% of the people are morons was a scientific survey? Well, I don’t know what a scientific survey is supposed to be, someone asks a question then someone answers, do you have to be a scientist to ask a question? But in all fairness and transparency, I asked this question myself at a recent BBQ I attended and all the people there agreed that those 39% had to be morons, there might have been a scientist there, but I didn’t ask.

Columnist Michael Goodwin said it best about those 39%, “The only way to approve of his performance is to buy the baloney that nothing is his fault. Either that, or all those people got free Obama Phones!” Well said Mr. Goodwin.

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  1. It’s not what 39% think today or tomorrow, it’s the 51% that voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and will vote for somebody else just as bad or worse in 2016. Liberalism is a mental disease and nothing is going to change that. This mental disease blinds them to the point they cannot see what’s going on around them and deafens them so they will not listen. The truth is foreign to them.

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