Liberal Policies Are Great, But In Theory Only

Over the years, I have noticed that Liberal policies always sound great, in theory, but when it comes to reality, they turn out being a joke and a disaster. Since the mid 1960’s when our Liberal president Lyndon Johnson started his War On Poverty and other social engineering policies, the country has been steadily going downhill. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to end poverty, but with trillions of dollars spent and poverty levels just as high as ever, not to mention the generations of dependency it has created, there is no doubt it was a failure.

Enter another ridicules program that sounds great, but in reality and common sense, it is doomed to fail. First lady Michelle Obama started a program for school meal nutrition, which is supposed to make our kids healthier by eating healthy foods. Sounds great, right, who doesn’t want healthier kids? When Mrs. Obama started this program in 2010, I said to myself what a dumb idea, not because I didn’t want kids to eat healthier, but because I remembered the old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” So, you can put healthy foods in front of kids, but that doesn’t mean they are going to eat it.

I said what a waste of time and money that is going to be, 90% of that healthy food is going to wind up in the garbage, and guess what, it has. Even the kids have protested about the food, they’re opting out of school lunches and throwing away food they don’t want to eat. Student protests over the school lunches have played out on social media now for more than two years. While we saw students at one high school create the well-known “We are Hungry” video, protests have centered around Twitter and targeted Mrs. Obama by name, one student even tweeted that they would “never forgive Michelle Obama for this school lunch,” because of the “crusty ass broccoli” their school served, like I said they never work in reality.

Even The Los Angeles Times has weighed in, saying, “The program, pushed by the Obama administration and passed by Congress, is afflicted by rigid, overreaching regulations that defy common sense. Fruits and vegetables rank as the least popular items, so requiring schools to offer one of each for each student practically guarantees that an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables will go to waste.” “Even worse are the rules about what kinds of produce must be offered and in what form,” writes the Times. “They make it nearly impossible, for example, to hide the vegetables in soups or lasagna, where they might be more palatable to students.”

It seems to me that when politicians pass bills, they make no account for common sense, as long as the name of the bill sounds like it is helping people, they will pass it. It is the same with any program they come up with, a program that provides un-wed mothers with money, sounds very charitable and compassionate, but did they ever think that women would have more kids just to collect a bigger check? That program created more children being born to un-wed mothers. It has always been the Liberal attitude to just throw money at a problem and it will get better, and what do they care, it’s not their money.

Mrs. Obama, your program sounds great, but like all other Liberal policies and programs, it is doomed to fail, I can’t understand why people keep falling for them. The thing about Liberals is, no matter how bad the program is and how many people are against it, they will defend it by saying “it’s a great program, just give it time to work,” why is Obama-Care coming to mind?

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Mrs. OThis is one man’s opinion.

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  1. Liberals, Progressives & Statist are no more than fringes of the wildly fanatical ideals of the Communist doctrine…and totally unworkable…..To uphold our land as one of a sovereign democracy and world leader, WE the people must put ‘common sense’ in the driver’s seat with the volume turned up full blast. WE must realize that being (or accepting) ‘political correctness’ is Not a replacement for PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY….

    Big Government…Where does it stop?…It stops with YOU and EVERY American…I ‘can’t’ do anything is something I hear consistently. It should be “What CAN I do?”

    If this continues, will the next step be to hop in your bed & eat your crackers? Hey,…just askin’. After all, they’ve made it into your kitchen….

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