Donald Sterling and the Crime of Opinion

Donald Sterling is the owner of LA Clippers basketball team who, you may recall, was allegedly caught on tape talking about how he really doesn’t like black people. His thoughts and ideas were recorded by his girl friend, who isn’t white, so he’s not a racist as long as the woman is hot. Typical white male.

His family quickly issued statements saying that they don’t share his “despicable” ideas, and everybody under the sun has hurried to any TV camera in spitting distance to make sure we know where they stand, letting out a breathless blubbering rush of “Sterling’s ideas are his own and I’m not guilty by association because I voted for Obama three times so I’m not a racist okay?” which is apparently necessary, less they get tarred and feathered by the 187th “So Help Me God” Division of the Sharpton Commandos, who are landing in LA for some justice.

Speaking of Barrack, he had to get involved, because, as a capable basketball player himself, he knows what it’s like for the homies on the court. He allegedly said, “If I had a son, I wouldn’t let him play for the Clippers,” but I wasn’t really listening. I’m sure that’s close enough.

Joking aside, there are bigger questions in this case that demand an answer.

Why do so many seek, so quickly, to disassociate themselves with Sterling and his remarks?

Is it a crime to hold an unpopular opinion? If so, we’re all guilty of something. Are the activists trying to scare us into silence?

It is a disturbing trend in this country that anybody who says they don’t like gays, Muslims, blacks, or miscellaneous, for whatever reason, suddenly are faced with investigations and resignations and forced apologies. Why is it a crime to say something that isn’t popular? What do those running away from Sterling fear?

What will the next criminal opinion be?

Support for capitalism?

Doubting global warming?

Holding a Bible study in your home?

It’s a slippery slope, folks. Better hope the friction doesn’t burn a hole in your jeans.

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One Comment

  1. Very Good points Brian.

    There are a couple of black people I do HATE – and I don’t even demerit them for only being HALF black. Maybe one or two of them are all black. Actually none of them as black at all. One of them isn’t a natural born citizen but he found a way to lie his way thru the Constitution anyway…!

    There are some white people I hate too. As far as I know they are ALL white. Well, actually they are not white at all. There are a few yellow people I hate too – though they are not really yellow either. Can’t think of any red people but I’m sure I must hate at least one of them – nor they are they really red.

    So I guess I’m the consummate racist because I hate ALLLL the races! Never mind there are a lot more people I DO like. But if you didn’t know me I guess you would likely just assume I really am a racist! (Harry Reid did!)

    This madness – this unintelligent, wholesale assumption, based on a few words someone says is all a part of the Collective mentality. We must all be the same (dirt poor slaves – but equally slaves). No one can be an individual anymore. That would be wrong – for the collective! God save the collective (is that an oxy-moron?)! Why, if we start letting people be individuals the next thing we know they will be demanding their unalienable individual right to THINK for themselves!

    We can’t have that. St. Marx would roll over in his grave and his majesty Brrrrrrracky oba-oba-O-Bammy would be offended! His court jester (Reid), too!

    There are still some n-gg-rs in the world! And it ain’t ‘cause of the color of their skin!

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