When All Else Fails Use Racism

Once again, we see the Liberal mind at work; it seems the old standby of the Liberal/Progressive strikes again, RACISM. The Volkswagen plant employees in Chattanooga voted 712 to 626 against joining the United Auto Workers Union, but Timothy Noah, a contributing writer for MSNBC, saw something that no one else did, by suggesting that race was a factor in a recent vote by Tennessee autoworkers against unionization. “The opposition, I gather, portrayed this as a kind of Northern invasion, a re-fighting of the Civil War. Apparently there are not a lot of black employees in this particular plant, and so that kind of – waving the Confederate flag – was an effective strategy,” said Noah.

When are they going to give this a rest? If things do not go their way, they automatically shout racism, the only people who believe that race played a part, are the simple-minded Liberals who see a racist behind every tree. Ann Coulter said it best “There are two groups in this country who are obsessed with race, Skin Heads and Liberals.”

During a TV interview, Mike Jarvis, a VW worker and who voted against being unionized, said, if the Union came in he would be getting a three dollar an hour pay cut. The Tennessee workers were worried about their jobs going to Mexico which is a real possibility. Volkswagen has $7 million set aside for development in our hemisphere but most of it is slated for Mexico. Mexican workers make one-sixth to one-seventh less and the quality is the same as U.S. workers.

After we bailed out GM and Chrysler, which is now Fiat, the two companies and Ford sent business to Mexico where 3 million cars are made a year. That number is expected to increase 38% by 2016 with all foreign companies adding plants there. Mexico is now the 8th largest car maker.

Let’s face it, unions are a dying breed in this country, at least in the private sector. Unions have been going downhill for about fifty years. There was a time when almost 35% of all workers on private payrolls were union members, by 2009 it had fallen to 7.2%. In the 19th and 20th centuries, labor unions helped establish a middle class, ensured professional standards for some industries, and secured access for all workers to good benefits. There was a time in this country when we needed unions, but that day is long gone.

And then there is this from a Watchdog group:

Defending workers’ rights is a noble mission. But sometimes labor unions take it too far. Here are some of our favorite examples of labor union contracts “gone wild.”

1) Three strikes and you’re still not out. Believe it or not, an overly generous clause slipped into the teacher Master Agreement in 1997, basically states that Bay City School Teachers (Michigan) can be caught drunk at work up to five times before they get sacked.

In Florida, a teacher who showed up to class plastered and then started “dirty dancing” with her students may end up teaching again, thanks to her union’s excellent negotiating skills.

Bay City School teachers (again in Michigan) managed to negotiate a union contract where they could be caught in possession of, or under the influence of, drugs three times before they lost their job.

2). No shows at work, Dozens of Miami-Dade County employees often don’t bother to show up for work, and instead, opt to spend their time working as union reps, on the taxpayers’ dime. County Commissioner Esteban Bovo told Florida Watchdog this is costing taxpayers anywhere from $12 million to $24 million annually.

Let’s face it, Unions have grown too big and too powerful in this country, they have become big bullies and the people are starting to realize it. I know by writing this Liberals will call me a racist, because that is the only thing they know. You know what, me and plenty of others just don’t care anymore, it’s getting really old and the race card just don’t cut it anymore.

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Race Card

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  1. It seems that some think they can be ‘in vogue’ & hide their ignorance (or laziness) by simply grabbing a sound byte that carries parrot wings and simply use an re-use a single word…racist or racism…oops, that’s 2 words…
    I couldn’t agree more with your opinion of Unions…The backbone of our Nation relies on these Industrial workers…and they’r getting smarter & know the ‘laws’ already takes care of their basic need…and are using them plus a dose of PR (personnel responsibility) to meet the rest!!! Non-union workers need not fear…there’s plenty of that Personal Responsibility left for us!!!

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