The Despicable Truth About Democrats

I understand the importance of being a team player, I also believe that loyalty is the best quality a person can have and I respect it. However, there has to be a point where you say I cannot backup or support a person anymore because it is the wrong thing to do and it is harming too many people, the case in point is called Obama-Care.

Stevie Wonder can see that Obama-Care is a big disaster, yet Democrats refuse to admit that it was nothing but a mistake and continue to push it on the American people. They voted on a bill that no one took the time to read, and I am willing to bet that they still have not taken the time to read it.

Just recently, a Michigan cancer patient by the name of Julie Boonstra, who was diagnosed five years ago with leukemia was under attack by Michigan Rep. Gary Peters for appearing in an ad criticizing Obama-Care. It seems Rep. Gary Peters, had his campaign lawyers write to Michigan TV stations, effectively warning that their FCC licenses could be at risk if they continue to criticize Obama-Care, stating that the ad and Ms. Boonstra were lying.

Ms. Boonstra said, “Under my old policy, I knew what I could afford every single month because I wasn’t hit with extra charges. Now I don’t know what I have to pay month to month,” she said. “Leukemia tests are extremely expensive.”

Millions of people have lost their insurance and millions have seen their premiums go up, while millions more have seen their deductibles go through the roof, yet the Democrats still have the audacity to call it the Affordable Care Act. The law was shoved down the throats of the American people with the claim that it will help the 40 million uninsured people get insurance, while the CBO says that 30 million people will still be uninsured years after it is implemented.

The American people are being taken for a ride, Obama has lied, his administration has lied and the Democrats have lied, why is there no outcry? Obama-Care, Benghazi, IRS, NSA all lies by Obama and his administration and the rest of the Democrats just follow like sheep. Four Americans died in the Benghazi attack, yet the Democrats say there is no scandal there and try to sweep it under the rug, but they attack Governor Christie on a daily basis because of a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge, where are their priorities?

Ms. Boonstra said, “I am not lying. … I was lied to.” Well, I think she also speaks for the rest of the country, why can’t the Democrats admit that they were wrong? Loyalty is a great quality, but there comes a time when the Democrats have to face reality, Obama is a failed president with failed policies and what he is doing is harming America.

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FailedThis is one man’s opinion.

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