Just Say No! To Girl Scout Cookies

WASHINGTON, Feb. 4, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Day Gardner, President, National Black Pro-Life Union:

In 5th grade, I really wanted to be a Girl Scout like my friends Lorie, Rita and Joann (all white). One day a week, my friends would wear their green dresses with the dark green sashes to school–I wanted so badly to be a Girl Scout.

One evening, my mother took me to a Girl Scout meeting to join. I remember walking in with excitement, all smiles. The leader saw us come in but refused to speak to us or acknowledge us in any way.

Even the girls and the few mothers that were there averted their eyes to avoid looking at us. We sat through the meeting and when it ended my mother went with me in tow to talk to the leader, but the woman actually turned her back to us as we approached. We stood there…waiting.

Finally, my mother grabbed my hand, we turned and walked out. I had a huge lump in my throat–my friends huddled together staring–seemingly afraid to talk to me. I really didn’t understand. I looked back at them with tears welling. My mother jerked my hand hard and said very sternly–don’t look back! She held her head high as we got into our car and drove away.

In school, the next day, my friends acted as if nothing had happened–as if everything was the same. It was never the same for me.

That was the first time I experienced great disappointment with the Girl Scouts organization.

Today the Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) continue to disappoint with its support of Planned Parenthood and others who support abortion. They may try to deny this, however, in 2004; the CEO of Girl Scouts USA, Kathy Cloninger stated on national television that, GSUSA partners with Planned Parenthood organizations across the country, “to bring information-based sex education programs to girls.”

According to a GSUSA spokeswoman Michelle Tompkins every local Girl Scout council is allowed to work with Planned Parenthood and confirms that some have relationships with the baby killing giant. www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwgPf0j4ehs (mark 3:45)

Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, Girl Scouts Gateway Council and Girl Scouts of Western New York maintain close relationships with Planned Parenthood in coalitions or serve on committees which advocate for abortion and sex education.

Girl Scouts of Western New York works closely with Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups in programs aimed at early teen-aged girls.

Girl Scouts of Northern California refers “at risk” girls to Planned Parenthood for help with family planning.

The almost hilarious thing here–is that Planned Parenthood doesn’t “plan” parenthood. They are in the baby killing business, and killing the baby totally destroys all thoughts of parenting and demolishes hope for a family.

Planned Parenthood is being sued in Chicago for allowing 24 year old Tonya Reeves to bleed to death in 2012 after a botched abortion when a hospital was less than 2 miles away.

In 2002, 25-year-old Diana Lopez went to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Los Angeles for an abortion. Before the day was over, Ms. Lopez–like Ms. Reaves–had bled to death from a botched abortion.

In 2003, 18-year-old Holly Patterson entered a Hayward, California Planned Parenthood clinic seeking a chemical abortion. She died seven days later of an incomplete abortion. There are hundreds of these stories!

Why would the Girl Scouts want to align their organization with Planned Parenthood which besides killing children — is also responsible for emotional distress and physical trauma in women — and in some cases the deaths of young women and girls?

The bottom line is that Girl Scout leadership today promotes an ideology that embraces sexual and reproductive choice to girls encouraging promiscuity and abortion. Mothers need to know this and so do the young girls who hoped to someday wear that spiffy green sash.

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  1. I’m sorry for every little girl like Day Gardner whom because of hate and illiteracy had to endure the sorry of crushed dreams. As to Ms Gardner’ story titled “Just say No! To Girl Scout Cookies”. The story has the ring of truth, a story that needs telling. A story with substance attempting to shed some light. Bravo Day Gardner and thanks for all you do.

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