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The Illusion of Recovery

Knowing where a nation is headed is difficult to discern. Members of a community experience life day by day, with the cumulative effects imperceptibly observed, and often colored by a short term perspective anchored in past experience. With a human bias of hope and optimism, ordinary folks caught up in what is called the normally bias, most citizens are unaware of the value and propriety of the information provided by a ruling elite intent upon perpetuating the status quo.
Six years into the Greater Depression, The MSM and the organs of the central planners, led by the Federal Reserve, vigorously promote the perception of a recovery. Green shoots are on the horizon again we are told, as corrupted numbers are tossed about concealing the true state of inflation, GDP, and unemployment. Feeding the 1%, with $4 trillion of new money from thin air, the Federal Reserve inflates up the equity and housing markets without infusing the corresponding value only the real economy can create to support such rises in price.
The very same central planners and crony capitalists, the ones who broke the economy in the first place, prevent the necessary natural correction of the malinvestments and market distortions which are essential for healing the economy and achieving a real recovery. They are again trying to substitute financial manipulation and illusion for the economic sinew of a real economy, as they choke the life out of the free markets a free people require for prosperity. The writer Jeffery Lewis stated it this way, “It is crystal clear to anyone willing to go a few steps beyond the headlines that massive intervention and ignorance of risk act as massive governors to progress, real economic growth and natural capital formation.”
While few people may know the details and mechanics of the economy or the intricacies of governance, all but the dead comprehend how poorly the establishment is governing society. They feel it in their guts and mourn it in their hearts. Knowing what it all means and where we should go is both confusing and frightening. The one fact that is clear, it is the representatives we send to serve us in government who are responsible for the presently failing organization of the country. They also are the individuals who are accountable for bringing our system back into balance.
Who will you choose to return America to its glory this November? Will you select the elite representatives of the Progressive status quo bent on maintaining a state that continues controlling the economy and its citizens activities in civil society, or representation intent upon restoring free markets and a civil society which is supportive of liberty and is unencumbered by a big government that eats its people’s sustenance?

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