Jesus is All Right With Abortion

Recently a comedian named Sarah Silverman posted a video on the internet where she interviewed Jesus, or, really, a white person pretending to be Jesus, because we all know the real Jesus was an average-looking Jewish man. Sarah Silverman is obsessed with abortion, and she asked this incarnation of Jesus if killing babies was OK. Pretend Jesus said sure, no problem, kill ‘em all and I’ll sort them out, ha ha ha. Pretend Jesus is so funny.

I don’t know much else about Sarah Silverman other than that she once dated Jimmy Kimmel, and when he dumped her for Matt Damon, Kimmel announced that Damon had bigger boobs. But she appears to be a darling to liberals, and they eat up her allegedly funny skits such as this one. It’s controversial. It’s edgy.

No it isn’t.

If Sarah Silverman really wanted to be controversial and edgy, she wouldn’t interview Pretend Jesus. She should have interviewed Mohammed and asked him why it’s okay in Arab culture to smack women, and why it’s okay in Arab culture for a father to attempt to and/or murder his daughter when she becomes too Westernized. If she had Pretend Mohammed say something outrageous like, “The skins of our dead women make great lamp shades,” we’d have some controversy. But Sarah Silverman, an obvious Jew, won’t do that because she doesn’t want her next Internet video to feature her getting beheaded by ski-masked Muslim terrorists, because that’s what Muslim extremists do when you make fun of Mohammed.

If Sarah Silverman really wanted to be controversial and edgy, she wouldn’t interview Pretend Jesus. She should have interviewed an actual aborted fetus and asked how the procedure went. If the aborted fetus said something outrageous like, “It was better than Splash Mountain at Disneyland and I’m sorry I can’t be aborted again,” there would be outrage and gnashing of teeth.

Instead, Sarah Silverman, an untalented, unimaginative liberal who keeps failing to sell shows to outlets like NBC and HBO, does what is safe. Interviewing Pretend Jesus won’t get her head cut off, and, at this point, since Christianity is always a target, nobody but your humble correspondent really noticed. One has to wonder why she bothered, but since liberalism is a mental disorder, we can assume she was off her meds. Liberals do crazy things when they’re off their meds.


BRIAN DRAKE is the author of The Rogue Gentleman, a thriller in the tradition of Brad Thor and Vince Flynn, available in both paperback and ebook.

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  1. I’ve never heard of either of these poor souls that feel compelled to get on the liberal band wagon to attack Christianity. Why on earth??? The only answers I come up with is an embittered childhood left a huge gap in the moral & mental development of the fetus her own mother felt valuable & kept, perhaps a huge cry for attention…or ‘save me’…Then, again, could these 2 just be preoccupied with sex without responsibility? One thing for certain for certain, they speak from ignorance….will just add them to the prayer list.

    Thanks, Brian, Sometimes those of us that know Jesus forget the misery of those who don’t.

    1. Jan,
      Indeed. If what you say is true, it has to be subconscious. I’m not sure they’re smart enough to think even at that level, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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