Christians; Why Didn’t They Vote?

After learning that 47% of the Christian populace in the United States did not vote in 2008, and 28% did not vote in 2010 it got me wondering why Christians have lost so many moral rights and are in such moral decline. Think about the percentages; 47% is like half of your church membership where 28% is almost a forth. If you only have 100 people in your church this means that 47 of them did not vote in 2008 and 28 of them did not vote in 2010. Now think of how many churches are in the United States? This is totally unreal and truly unacceptable! Some of the losses to which I am referring are prayer in school, taxpayer provided abortions on demand and an overwhelming domination of a homosexual agenda to a downward spiral of moral decay in our society and I decided with God’s help to attempt to enlighten as many God freeing individuals as I can that this should not be the case. I pray this article and others will bring you to understand that God is not against His people voting; rather He encourages His people to vote and pray for our leaders. I believe it is important for all Christians to stand together in God’s Word in all major elections to keep our moral base intact. Not to mention our Constitution and other important documents our forefathers assembled for our own good, welfare and wellbeing. My definition of a Christian is those who believe or profess to believe in God as our creator, or hold the belief that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died on the cross for our sin and rose from the grave to overcome death for you and me. Judeo-Christianity is what America is based on from our forefathers and our laws are based on the Ten Commandments so why are we not trying to keep them intact as God would have all of us do? Catholics, Protestants, Jewish Faiths and Sect’s, Baptist, Pentecostals, Mormon’s and all other religions that profess to believe in God as “The One” and only God, the Christ that was born of a Virgin as a mortal man, persecuted and suffered, hung on a cross to die a horrible death for all of mankind’s sin and raised to life again after three days to conquer death and Satan for all who would believe in Him, Jesus Christ. These are the Christians to which I am referring.

What is it that makes Christians feel that they do not need to vote? I truly believe that most feel that with prayer God will prevail and take care of whatever problem they may have, including putting the right politician in office to serve us in our communities. Don’t get me wrong I know that God will and does fix all problems through prayer, and God answers all prayer whether it is “No’, “Yes” “Wait” or May-be, but on the other hand we as Christians pray for our meals, but we cannot expect God to lift the fork to our mouths. What is the difference in praying to God to put the right politician in office if you are not going to do your part to vote for the best candidate? God will do His part but He will not do what you expect Him to do without consulting Him and doing your part. If a dog is hit by an automobile and seriously hurt, you might say a pray for the dog to be ok, right? Most people do this whether they are Christians or not, but in doing so you eventually place the dog in the care of a veterinarian for treatment correct, I would hope so, but this is no different than praying for the right candidate and then placing him in God’s Graces.

I was too young to vote when John F. Kennedy ran President of the United States, had I been old enough I would have placed my vote for him. Two years later I joined the Navy and was shipped out to Vietnam. Kennedy, JFK as most would later lovingly nick name him was a man of integrity and honor served in the Navy as well but as time went on he had scandalous situations attached to him as most Presidents.

There are times when we place people on a pedestal only later to have them fall, and the higher up we place them the higher they fall and the more painful it becomes for those we admired.

Voting is a God given right and it should be used no matter if the candidate you are voting for wins. It is the effort you place in voting and no one can take that right away from you. However, many chose not to vote and it could backfire someday causing you to lose the right to vote because you didn’t. In other words; your vote could be the one vote that sustains a democracy or a way of life for an entire people to keep them from losing their right to vote. Just as our Supreme Court Justices allowed the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obama-Care, to win by one vote. The Supreme Court is sometime a big joke in my book, but that’s another story for a later time.

Going back a few years Christians are still upset that we have no prayer in public schools, homosexuals have grown in stature and abortion is on demand with our tax payer funds in a clause in Obama-Care. There are many other moral implications and consequences that have been lost over a period of time and there will be more, but as the old saying goes; “if you don’t vote, don’t complain”.

In the Wild West there were always townspeople or preachers who marched up and down the town streets wanting the saloons and gambling halls shut down but the Mayor and Sheriff made up the biggest part of the establishment and enjoyed them, which could be why the old saying states; “you can’t beat or sue City Hall”. Today that is just not the case. There are Senators issuing law suits against the President, the President’s Administration and other entities who have stepped out of bounds of our Constitution. We now have other countries suing Heads of State; such as Hillary R. Clinton being sued by Israel because of Benghazi and other crimes.

This is exactly why voting is so important, and why there has been so much change since the beginning of time. Our Forefathers knew government like anything else would grow beyond its means and become corrupt and out of control, hence the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Most High School and College Social Study classes teach about corruption in government and how some politicians take advantage of perks and benefits, and the growth of societies and communities. When a community or a society grows it takes on change, and sometime that change is not a good thing but a corrupt twisted animal which cause more taxes, more confinement and more restriction. First, we have a small western town, that grows into a city, then a Municipality and then a State and so on it goes, and sooner or later as the populace grows so do the problems. This is, and was the truth behind the idea and the knowing of our forefathers that “We the People” should run the government by the people and for the people. Therefore, allowing the people to contain or hold in check the government that would someday possibly destroy what all the people have established. It is no wonder why our government of today is so corrupt and self-serving; “We the People” have allowed such a calamity by not allowing our voice to be heard. I can remember as a young child hearing my parents and many others say things like; “what difference does it make what you say or do, you can’t argue with the government, they will do what they want and we cannot stop them”. Not true than and not true today, this is why I believe that many people are again in a sense ignorant and backward, not to mention the truly ignorant who think only to vote for the “Party”. Most listen to a local Television News Media and/or read a local Newspaper to gain knowledge as to whom they should cast their vote, when in reality the local TV News Media and the Local Newspaper are bought and sold by big rich moguls such as George Soros. Times have changed since the moral decent wealthy individuals such as William Rockhill Nelson who founded the Kansas City Star who not only believed in printing the truth, but was somewhat frightened of being sued if he didn’t. Back in the early day’s news was news and truthful news to the big papers was the best news, not so much in the rags we read today. Today with such high technology we have the ability to know the news and current events in a matter of seconds, literally, and many people still rely on the old fashioned way of getting their news. I can’t really blame the elderly, sometime technology is difficult to learn for them but if they cannot get up to date and truthful news from their old sources why wouldn’t they listen to their loved ones and friends to learn how or whom to vote for. Many satellite or cable network television news channels today keep up with computer knowledge base and what is going on first hand, but you must know which cable News station to listen.

All American citizens need to read and study their United States documents, such as; the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence to have some idea as to what their rights are. Anyone can contact their Senators or other government officials and request these documents free of charge and it is our right to have them in our possession. If an individual doesn’t know their rights by trying to educate themselves as to what they are and/or allow others to inform them of their rights how would one know if they are being told the truth? It is certainly not necessary for anyone to know these documents cover to cover but it should be important enough for one to learn and engage in one’s own intellectual ability to know what is and what is not true and correct for one’s own good.

With the computer age and technology of today we can now go on different websites and find all sorts of statistics and polls regarding government officials as to how they vote on certain social and moral issues and what they said seconds before, and what they had for lunch and where they had it if we so desire. Nothing is scared anymore, but there is good and needed information to be had. One only needs to put forth an effort to find out this information and in most cases if you don’t know how, you can find someone who does. When candidates are running for any office they should be vetted properly, this is a must, and in keeping with the Constitution of the United Sates! Obama was not vetted properly and this has caused a lot of frustration in America, and some of the law suits I mentioned earlier, and lawsuits coast money which leads to tax increases. Many who voted for Obama now feel that he is inadequate and too weak for the responsibility to be President. Getting or putting the wrong candidate in office can and has caused so may problems we as a society are finding it very difficult to change what is going wrong today. Again it is worthwhile to make sure you are voting for the right person for the job at hand.

It is suggested that America is beyond Republican, Democrat, and Independent parties and the new idea is to vote for the best candidate regardless of party affiliation because so many individuals are locked into a party vote without knowing the issues and morals of the certain party candidate who is running for the office. Many say; “I’m voting Democrat because I am Democrat and my ancestor’s where Democrats, period!” Let’s face it, a particular Democratic candidate running for the mass Democrats who without knowing what the candidate’s true issues are will vote for the candidate only because he is a Democrat. This is insane if you have a strong regard for social and moral issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and other important moral issues that matter to you. What if a Democratic candidate runs upholding only general issues and fails to enlighten his constituents and the general public as to what he stands for and what he believes, and later after winning the election most of his constituents come to realize that this particular candidate, the one they voted for, is against everything they held dear and scared? It is very important to know all you can know about a politician who will represent you in the government arena! You must learn to listen and do some homework, is the candidate telling me what I want to hear or his he standing on principal and integrity? What is the candidate’s platform on my beliefs and concerns without being selfish and greedy by giving me more welfare, less taxes or making the streets, highways and infrastructure better, listen for the strengths you believe in your heart and soul, not gimmes or wants! In most cases if a candidate is saying what you want to hear, they are not worthy of standing up for your rights when they come up, rather they will become a different person and change the whole platform of what you believe. A better way of putting this is that they become a spineless coward, a crook and a true politician.

I believe as a society that we are no longer a Democratic, Republican or Independent party any longer. I understand that there are different political parties and I understand the concept of being a party member and voting the party ticket but, we sometimes have varying opinions of those in our particular party after they are selected and placed in office, such as; RINO”S, Far Left Liberals who are so far left they think and act as Communist’s. I believe individuals should do their homework when voting and do their best to find the right candidate, and that should be a person who believes in moral rights, the United Sates Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights as set forth by our forefathers and the moral standards by which we live.

The best way to do your homework when facing an important election is to get involved with Christian based or a good moral based organization such as “We the People/USA”, Grassroots, the Tea Party,  Americans for Prosperity, Numbers USA, Liberty Alliance, Family Research Council and many others.

Seek out good news programs that live for facts and honesty without regard to a political party and those who believe in good conservative standards that fit your lifestyle, not the local media’s or some of the local newspapers who are owned and operated by the people who fund and give generous contributions to the particular candidates that are running in the race. You need the truth about the candidates who are running and you need to hear both sides of the political issues, not the basis run of the mill chit-chat. Some good news programs I would recommend are: Fox News, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Susteren, The Five and many others. You can find the truth if you look for it hard enough, and the truth and the facts are what is needed. Many believe that Fox is bias, but all of the time I have watched them and their different programs they always have all parties giving their side of the political issues, what more could anyone want than to hear both sides of an argument fairly without lies or political spin. You will learn that all political spin comes from Far Left Liberals. God bless!

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Jim W. Lytch

I am a Christian who lives for Christian standards and morals. I am a Republican Conservative, Tea Party member, Pro-American and Pro-life. I am anti-Obama, anti-far left liberal/communist, anti-gay, anti-same sex marriage and anti-to anything that goes against our American Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. I believe a man should treat his fellowman as he would himself. This does not mean to give in to others beliefs rather to stand on God’s Word as taught in the Bible as loving God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as well. All those who profess to be patriotic Americans should stand together on the American principals handed down by our forefathers.

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  1. Jim, this is excellent!!!! And just what I needed! I often feel that those who refuse to vote because ‘their’ personal choice isn’t on the ballot are as much f an idealist as is our self crowned king of the hill.

    I would only add that when we pray, we must also listen…sometimes the answer is just whispered….

    O truly appreciate the thought & effort you’ve given this to share with us.

  2. I wonder how much of the problem is the notion some Christians have that politics is a corrupting influence, and that Christians shouldn’t be involved in it? The late Dr. Adrian Rogers said of this idea, “Whom does that leave to run things? Use your head!” The Founding Fathers certainly didn’t agree with it.

    By the way, this article is hard to read. Far too many silly mistakes. If you’re using Windows’ speech recognition to dictate an article, please proofread before publishing it!

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